Affiliate Disclosure of Prega Junction

Praga Junction provides content on various products and shares product details. It may also have related links to the product purchase webpages and product advertising websites.

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Our intensive Research & Product Selection Procedure

Prega Junction recommends and suggests nature-based or science-backed products. Our team of experienced and skilled writers, auditors research through the products and product details to give you the best recommendations. When it comes to deciding on what to buy and how to buy online; the product details through our articles demonstrate empirical product research and reliability.

Here is a macro view of how we research and what goes behind product selection and creation of product-promoting articles.

  1. Prega Junction resonates and believes in intensive research. Every product listed is screened accurately through product reviews, manufacturing scrutiny, and medical recommendations by practitioners. The products are eventually shortlisted.
  2. Our hand-picked products promote positive health benefits. Our recommendations are more novel, having significant brand names and trusted manufacturers in the industry.
  3. The articles published feature the product description such as the ingredient details, product use, purpose, health benefits, and possible side-effects of the product to help you make a fair decision while selecting and using the product.
  4. We also ensure the recommended products are regularly available in the market and do not run ‘out of stock’.
  5. The research-based product recommendations and articles are science-backed, original, honest, and reliable to the best of our knowledge.

For information, we earn a commission on every qualifying purchase of our recommended products done through the link provided on your website.

Important Note: Any problems or concerns about product delivery and/or packaging, you will need to contact the online purchase vendor from whom you have made the purchase. Prega Junction holds no responsibility even if the product is purchased through the link of its website.