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Baal Aadhaar: How to apply Aadhaar card for Children


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The UIDAI- Unique Identification Authority of India, functioning under the authority of the government of India, provides individualised 12-digit AADHAAR numbers to every Indian resident who has accomplished the authority’s verification process. 

Any person, including children, can enrol to take their unique Aadhaar number by providing their demographic and biometric information like their fingerprints and iris scans. The Aadhaar card is now an important and mandatory document for majority of the government and private sector, including the opening of a bank account, postal services, vaccination, and even getting a kid’s admission to the school. 

This unique card does not include information on caste, religion, income status, and geography. You can apply for a baal aadhaar as soon as the baby is born, then the information will need to be updated when the child turns 15 or above. 

If you have not yet applied for a Baal aadhaar card, this article gives you all the information you need to know about Baal aadhaar and details on how to apply.

What is Baal Aadhaar?

Baal aadhaar is an aadhaar card issued to children at birth. The parents will need to apply for this card based on their aadhaar card details. Baal aadhaar issued to children below five by UIDAI does not need to furnish biometric details. However, after 5 years, they will need to get the aadhaar card updated with biometric information. 

Baal aadhaar card is different from the adult aadhaar and is blue for kids below 5 years. 

Documents required for an Aadhaar card application for Children

You can apply for the Baal aadhaar card either online or offline. In either situation, you will need to submit the following documents while applying for the child’s aadhaar card:

1) Child’s birth certificate or Govt. hospital discharge slip

2) Aadhaar of one of the parents

Note: A parent needs to visit Aadhaar Seva Kendra with a child aged below 5 years for biometric authentication. The original documents need to be taken where the scanned format will be uploaded to the UIDAI website.

Aadhaar card for children from 0 to 5 years

Biometrics, such as finger marks for fingerprints and iris are not developed for children below the age of five. Hence, biometric information is not included in Baal aadhaar for children under five. However, it is essential to update the biometrics once the child reaches the age of five. 

Aadhaar card for children between 5 to 15 years

When the child reaches 5, the parents will need to update the aadhaar card biometric information that includes fingerprints of all the 10 fingers, an iris scan, and a photo update. The updated card can be used till the child reaches the age of 15, post which another updation of biometric information and photograph is a must.

How to apply for a Baal Aadhaar card Online?

Here is a step-by-step procedure for applicants wishing to apply for a baal aadhaar card online. 

  1. Visit the UIDAI website and go to the aadhaar card registration page.
  2. Fill out the online application form with all the required information- child’s name, parents’ information, contact details, and email address.
  3. Once done, fill in the demographic information.
  4. Click on the Book Appointment tab and continue to fix a date and time for aadhaar card registration. 
  5. Select the nearest aadhaar card enrollment centre. 
  6. Upload the required documents- birth certificate and parents’ aadhaar card and click on the submit tab. 
  7. You will visit the centre on a fixed date to get the child’s photo and biometrics taken. Children below five years need to go for a biometric submission. 
  8. After the submission of the rest of the details at the centre, save the acknowledgment slip given at the centre for future reference. 
  9. Following a verification process, Baal aadhaar will be posted to the given postal address. Or the status of the aadhaar application can also be checked online with the help of the acknowledgment number. 

How to apply for a Baal Aadhaar card Offline?

To apply for a baal aadhaar card offline, you will need to visit the nearest aadhaar card enrollment centre.

  1. You will get an application form for children’s aadhaar card at the centre that needs to be filled. 
  2. Submit the form along with the birth certificate and the aadhaar card of the parent. 
  3. The parent’s aadhaar card information and contact details must be provided in the form.
  4. After a verification process, the child’s photograph (for children of all age groups) and biometrics (for children above 5 only) will be taken. 
  5. For children above five years, fingerprints of all 10 fingers and an iris scan will be taken. 
  6. An acknowledgment slip will be given at the centre for future reference. 
  7. You will receive the application status information on the parent’s mobile number provided in the application. 
  8. You will receive the aadhaar card by postal service at the furnished postal address. Or can check online with the acknowledgment details provided

Both online and offline applicants for Baal aadhaar will get the aadhaar card within a 60 days time frame. 


The UIDAI has a new aadhaar card called the Baal aadhaar for children and newborns. Children below five can provide documents such as birth certificate and parents’ aadhaar information to get one. They need not go for biometric scans of fingerprints and iris. They can update once they reach 5 and 15 years along with a photograph update. To apply for a Baal aadhaar, visit the UIDAI website or the nearest aadhaar card enrollment centre. 


Is an aadhaar card required for children?

Yes, an aadhaar card for children is required with one of the parents’ aadhaar details to be furnished at the time of enrollment. A child may require an aadhaar card while opening a bank account or while getting admission to the school.

What is the minimum age for aadhaar card enrollment?

Every resident of India, even a newborn child can enrol for an aadhaar card with the birth certificate and parent’s aadhaar details.

What is the validity of the Baal aadhaar card?

The aadhaar of children below five years will need to be updated with biometric information and a photograph when the child turns 5 years. And the children below 5 will need to again update the biometric details and photograph when they reach 15 years.

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