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Baby Boy Names Hindu (April 2022): Trendy, Latest, and Unique Indian Name List for Your Newborn Boy


The joy of parenthood is unmatchable, not to mention that holding your baby boy or baby girl for the first time is an indescribable feeling. Most parents wait till they see their baby to name them. However, it is also true that according to Indian culture, several babies are named by their aunts as part of a ritual.

Since naming a child is a crucial part of their identity. So, choosing a fun yet a meaningful name for your child is a work of responsibility. There is a list of traditional Hindu baby boy names, and then you have the modern names with a western touch.

We have a few different ones lined up for you if you are looking for some inspiration for your baby boy’s name according to Hindu culture and rituals.

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Factors to Consider while Naming your Baby Boy in India

Okay, before you think of this as a stretch, keep in mind that your baby boy has to live with the name for their life. So, being mindful of the naming process is essential. You want the name to hold meaning, and at the same time, you want it to be easy on the tongue and a fun one too.

All of this sounds pretty complicated, right?

Well, we have sorted out a few fool-proof steps you should consider before naming your baby boy.

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Do you have a chosen first letter?

According to Hindu culture, the families usually consult with their family priest to get a few first letters auspicious for the naming process. Not every family has this culture. However, if you do, you need to get the first letter sorted out ahead of time, so you have time to choose from the latest baby boy names.

Who is naming your baby boy?

As we said, there are few Hindu families where a family member (preferably an aunt or uncle) has to name the newborn baby. The parents sometimes don’t have any part in that. So, if your family follows that ritual, you need to sit down and consult a list of possible names that you’d want your baby boy to have. Discussion is always better than being surprised with a teeth-breaking name.

Do you want a thematic name?

By thematic, we mean names based on movie characters, mythical creatures, mythology, etc. If you and your partner have similar preferences, you can sort that out accordingly. We’d recommend that you know the meaning behind the names before blindly naming your baby boy.

Do you want to merge your names?

Yes, some couples like merging their names to name their children; cue Virat-Anushka Kohli and Shahid-Mira Kapoor. These can be a fun, unique, and quirky name for baby boys, especially with a hint of belonging to both parents. However, 9 out of 10 times, such mashed names don’t have any meaning to them.

List of Baby Boy (Indian) Names for Hindu Couples [January 2022]

Now that you have a few essential factors out of the way, let us take you along a ride of the plausible baby name list you can choose. We have sorted out some of the best newborn baby boy unique names Hindu to get some inspiration.

Based on Mythology
Name Meaning
Aashman Son of sun
Amrit The food of Gods which makes one immortal
Angad Son of Bali
Arjun Third of the Pandava brothers
Arinjay Son of Lord Krishna
Balram Lord Krishna’s brother
Devavrata A King in the epic Mahabharata
Eklavya Student who learned archery under Dronacharya
Eravanth Son of Arjun
Agastya Saint
Namish Another name of Lord Vishnu
Kush Son of Lord Rama
Naishadh King Nala’s name
Parth Arjun’s name
Pushkar King Nala’s brother
Revant Son of Sun
Satyajit Panchala’s son
Samvarta Brother of Brihaspati
Uthkal Son of Dhruv
Based on Astrology and Zodiac Signs
Names Meaning
Aadarsh Ideal or Perfect
Aadavan The Sun
Badhusa Sweet personality
Airawat Name of Lord Indra’s white elephant
Chaarvik One for all
Chandrashekhar Crown
Daanesh Wisdom
Daamodar Lord Krishna
Maadhav Lord Krishna
Maahi The Great one
Anagh Sinless
Anamay Lord Shiva
Raahi Traveller
Raayan Gates of Paradise
Naagendra King of the Serpents
Naamgeet A name that’s remembered
Bhadraksh One with beautiful eyes
Bhagwant Fortunate
Bhaumik Lord of Earth
Ganak Astrologer
Daaruk Charioteer
Dahana A Rudra
Anamitra The Sun
Anandhan Happiness
Based on Bollywood Movie Characters
Names Inspired from
Aman Kal Ho Na Ho
Arjun Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Avinash Ek Tha Tiger
Ishaan Taare Zameen Par
Jai Sholay
Krrish 2 States
Nitin Delhi Belly
Ranvir Hero
Prithviraj Bol Bachchan
Rahul Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Rajiv Welcome
Rehan Fanaa
Saket Hey Ram
Shekhar Ra One
Siddhartha Wake Up Sid
Viraj Kambakkht Ishq
Vijay Deewar
Trendy Baby Boy Names
Names Meaning
Aakav Shape
Advik Unique
Darsh Sight
Darpan Mirror
Ekansh Whole
Evak Equal
Hredhaan Good Heart
Hemang One with shining body
Jairaj Victorious ruler
Jihan Universe
Lohit Made of copper
Mayan God of love
Manbir Braveheart
Oviyan Artist
Pranjal Honest
Samesh Equality
Sanat Lord Brahma
Udarsh Brimming
Vaidik Spiritual
Yug Era

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With so many different genres, types, and themes of baby boy names sorted in this article, we are sure you will have a few different inspirations to choose from. Always take your time to choose a name for your baby boy instead of hurrying through the process. These are decisions that will impact your child’s future, so be mindful of your choices.

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