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Baby Milestones 6 – 9 Months : Week-By-Week Guide


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Your baby has reached several milestones between six and nine months of age. They have started to crawl and stand up independently and have developed receptive language skills. Each baby is different, so check with your paediatrician before assuming certain baby milestones. However, there are several basic milestones that every baby should reach by this age. Below are some of these key milestones. 

If you’ve been trying to find out when your baby will reach some major milestones in their development, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn about each baby’s milestones. Your baby will be flashing a smile for the first time during this time. You can help your child learn the connection between these sounds and meanings by labelling objects and pictures in books. Your baby will even start recognizing you by name. At this time, they’re also developing their sense of smell and recognizing sounds, like a rattle. 

Baby milestones 

Week 29

This week is a great time to introduce a sensory experience, such as a basket of objects and textures. Treasures from home are often more engaging than toys from the store, so try to incorporate some items you have around the house. Jingle bells, rattles, and securely sealed bottles of coloured water will encourage hand-to-hand play. Just be sure to let your baby socialize with your friends and family.

Week 30

The 30-week mark is a time for big changes and new experiences for both you and your child as your child will start to crawl using their muscle strength. They will respond to sounds or colourful objects and move towards them, even though they are very sensitive. Your baby will also begin to respond to different noises, such as your voice and other sounds.

Week 31

Baby milestones week 31 is an exciting time. They will also likely be sitting independently and attempting to move from a lying position to a seated position. Your baby is now capable of grasping objects. Your baby is also developing a better grip than before. However, it would be best if you were on alert as they will try and put everything in their mouth.

Week 32

If you are worried about your baby’s development, here are some things to know during the 32-week milestones of baby. The first big milestone is standing up with support! This may be the first time your little one has done so, and you will want to celebrate it! Make sure you have sturdy furniture to help them stand with support.

Week 33

Your baby is now 33 weeks old! There will be a lot of development going on, both physically and mentally. They are likely to have random mood swings and may only be interested in milk one day of the week. They may even show an interest in trying new foods or simply refuse to eat. Be prepared for tantrums. This is normal, and there is no need to worry.

Week 34

There will be a lot of progress in your baby’s actions, and you will love to see and celebrate baby milestones in week 34! At this stage, your baby will be growing well and will be able to grasp toys. They will start to explore their body and get a firm grip on standing upright. They will begin smiling frequently and even try to reach for food on their plate during mealtimes.

Week 35

During week 35, your baby will be about to step into the 9th month! You will notice many changes in their behavior, including an increased awareness of sounds and the ability to stand and speak. By speaking, we mean trying to imitate words they hear from others, especially parents. They will also begin to understand some words and become a little more organized! They may even recognize familiar toys, such as rattles with bells, musical toys, etc.  They may respond to specific words and sounds in a similar manner.

Week 36

What’s in store for your little one during baby milestones week 36? Their physical, emotional, and cognitive development is on the upswing. You might notice your baby’s attention span is short, so try talking to them during this alert time. You can sit down and teach your child how to play a game.

Week 37

The first word you hear may be as early as week 37. During this time, your baby may pull themselves up on a chair or cruise the furniture. However, they will be like a live wire. You must keep a close eye on them and keep sharp objects out of their grasp.

Week 38

Inquisitiveness is the main motto of your baby’s life now. They will want to explore each and everything within their grasp. They will topple and throw things everywhere. However, you must ensure not to scold or shout as it is an important developmental stage for them. Use other means to counter them.

Week 39

Your child will still be nursing at night and cruising on furniture this week. They will be cautious about trying new things at first but gain confidence as time passes. They might also start teething, which is a crucial milestone. This is the time when they explore their mouths with both of their hands. They will also start to understand the concept of permanence.

Week 40

Your baby will be learning new skills and language. Your baby will probably begin crawling and cruising around by this time, and you can expect them to start repeating your words and phrases. It’s also a great time to baby-proof your home. They will also mimic you, so make sure you take this opportunity to inculcate good habits in your child.


Your baby can also reach some of these baby milestones by month sooner than expected. However, it’s important to remember that each child grows at different rates, so some may reach some of these earlier than others. Reading and following the baby milestone list is an excellent thing. However, it is important to note that every child grows and develops at their pace. So, if your child doesn’t achieve a milestone in a particular week, you must not worry. They might achieve the milestone sooner or later. All you need to do is keep track of your baby’s growth and keep in contact with your pediatrician. 

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