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Baby Milestones Between 9 – 12 Months : Week-By-Week Guide


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There are many important milestones that your nine-month-old baby is going to achieve now, and you will be surprised to witness them. While you may have already noticed, they are growing up too fast and learning many new things! Your little one loves to interact with you and explore their surroundings. They are now more mobile and can crawl, but they are not quite at the point where they are ready to eat themselves yet. Listed below are some key milestones your nine-month-old will reach during this time.

Babies will respond to simple verbal commands and point to objects when asked. At this age, babies will play peek-a-boo and begin to point to various body parts. They will also begin to play with blocks and bang them together. They may even learn to sit independently. If you are going to be away for an extended period, you should keep an eye on them.

By this age, your baby will become more mobile. The baby will try to push themselves around, pull themselves up on their own, and walk. This is an exciting time for you and your baby, as these milestones will give your child their first taste of independence. 

Here are some of the baby milestones that your little one will achieve during week 41 to week 52:

Week 41

Your 41-week-old baby may start to babble and enjoy picture book stories. They may start to mimic sounds and gestures and begin forming words. You should try to engage in conversations with your baby, as this will help them develop their language skills. Your baby may start to mimic you or try to imitate your voice.

Week 42

Another important milestone for the week is the first attempt at reaching for objects. Your baby might start rolling over and falling on the floor, so a change mat might be useful. Once your baby reaches for objects, use a soft voice and hold their hands. Your baby may also be distracted by a favourite toy or a book.

Week 43

Your baby is reaching the end point of the first year. They are standing for long periods of time and walking a few steps. As your baby grows, it may begin to explore the world around them as they grow. They are trying different forms of communication, including pointing to various parts of the body and imitating. They will also begin to crave social interactions, hide objects, and eventually find them.

Week 44

By now, you are probably wondering when your little one will hit the milestones of baby week 44. It’s a big milestone for your baby. This week, your baby might start to say more distinct words, including daddy, mama, papa, and more such words. You can also expect your child to start standing on their own and exploring the stairs. Make sure to babyproof the stairs and put a safety gate.

Week 45

At 45 weeks, your baby will achieve a lot of milestones. During this time, the baby has become comparatively independent and responsible. They should be getting a good amount of solid foods along with breastmilk. They can now sit or stand unassisted. They can shake their heads to communicate with you. This is the time when parents can improve the fine motor skills of their babies by letting them eat on their own. You can try methods like traditional weaning or baby-led weaning.

Week 46

They will begin to recognize patterns and become more active, and you can expect a few niggling signs that their development is progressing as expected. But, do not worry, because this is a normal part of baby development.

Week 47

Your baby can now recognize objects by looking at them. You can ask them to point while naming them. You can also motivate them by asking questions and pointing to pictures. In addition, your baby will be able to understand words by pointing. You will also notice that your baby has a few unique words. Babies, at this age, can also be a bit rebellious. Make sure you ingrain the concept of boundaries in them.

Week 48

Your baby is almost a year old! This week is an important milestone because your baby will start walking, grasping things, and babbling in conversational tones. It is also a great time to get your baby used to eating solid foods and starting to practice self-feeding. You can also let them move around unassisted while keeping an eye on them.

Week 49

This week, your baby may begin to explore its environment. Toys are a great way to engage your baby in learning hand-eye coordination and exploration. You may also want to switch out toys on an overhead mobile to encourage a baby’s exploration of the environment. Toys can be choking hazards, so make sure they’re age-appropriate. They may also face separation anxiety as they learn that you and they are separate entities.

Week 50

Your baby has an ever-expanding vocabulary! Your baby is always watching and absorbing information and is always high on energy. You may also want to start using pronouns when speaking to them so that they can start understanding who you are addressing. Your baby will soon be learning through touch and hearing. You can even introduce them to different textures!

Week 51

Throughout the first year of your child’s life, they will have many important milestones. Week 51 is when your child will become a one-year-old! As the years go by, they will move quickly from being a baby to a toddler!

Week 52

Your baby will also begin to exhibit personality traits. By 52 weeks, they’ll have their likes and dislikes when it comes to baby milestones by month. They’ll also start walking, and their vision will become clearer. Having a child this young is a unique and fulfilling experience, and you should be proud of yourself for raising one! And soon, you’ll be able to take on the challenges of toddlerhood!


As your baby approaches week 52, you may be wondering how to celebrate baby milestones month by month. You can celebrate by preparing special gifts for your child. As they turn 52 weeks old, they will start to make big strides in their mobility. They will begin to crawl, pull up to standing, and take assisted steps. As they become more mobile, they will begin to recognize words and phrases and apply them to their own tasks.

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