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10 Best Pregnancy Kits in India (2023)- Certified Products


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Are you searching for the best pregnancy kit in India? Great, your search has landed you on the right platform. At Prega Junction, we have listed India’s 10 best pregnancy kits. Below we have tabulated India’s best pregnancy kit, you can check their price (CLICK HERE).

Wondering whether one is pregnant is quite stressful for both the mother as well as the entire family, and some of the best pregnancy kits in India can be termed as a savior here.

Gone are those days when women had to rush to the gynecologist to get further confirmation of their pregnancy after they missed periods. The pregnancy test kits make the women confirm whether they are pregnant or not without any botheration. 

To add more, the best pregnancy kit in India 2023 delivers the results in just a blink of an eye. The biggest advantage of pregnancy kits is that they help in saving both time and energy, are quite affordable and basic, and ensure you are expecting the child in a private way.

Pregnancy kits can be termed as one of the best inventions of humankind as you get to know the results within the 4 walls of your home, and most of the kits display accurate results.

Pregnancy test kits have definitely become the go-to option for women who are anticipating pregnancy and also save them from anxiousness as earlier, women had to wait for the entire day to know about their pregnancy results from the doctor.

However, times have changed, and more people are opting to purchase pregnancy kits rather than visiting the doctor as the results can be known within a few minutes. 

One can get the best pregnancy kit in India from a nearby pharmacy without any prescription. Before making the purchase, you must know that there are two types of pregnancy test kits.

Also, one must be aware that the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) level in the urine detects whether the woman is pregnant or not, and the pregnancy test kit checks the amount of HCG in the urine.

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List Of Best Pregnancy Kit In India (2023)

  • Prega News
  • I- Can
  • Acutest By Cadila
  • Pregamonth Test Strip
  • Velocit
  • Clear View HCG
  • Ovlo Plus
  • Clearblue Rapid Detection
  • Pregakem pregnancy detection kit
  • Neclife Getnews One Step Urine HCG

Best Pregnancy Kit In India (2023)- Check Price Now


Product Name



Neclife Getnews One Step Urine Hcg Pregnancy Test


Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit


Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test


Ovlo Plus Pregnancy Test Kit


Clear View HCG Pregnancy Test Kit


Velocit Pregnancy Kit


Pregamonth Test Strip


Acutest by Cadila pregnancy kit


I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit


Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

Best Pregnancy Kit In 2023- Let’s Discuss One By One

Testing pregnancy at home has become very popular these days as it is not only convenient and simple to use but also easily available, and a host of pregnancy kits are easily available in the market. Also, if pregnancy is detected earlier, women can make lifestyle changes and look after their health right from the beginning of their pregnancy cycle.

However, choosing the best pregnancy kit in India is quite a task. Mentioned below are the best pregnancy kits in India 2023 that you must use if you are anticipating pregnancy or have missed your periods.

#10. Neclife Getnews One Step Urine Hcg Pregnancy Test

The Neclife Getnews One Step Urine HCG Pregnancy Test can give accurate results within 5 minutes and is reasonable. The one-step urine (HCG) pregnancy test kit comprises one pregnancy test cassette, a dropper, and a desiccant pouch.

To get the accurate pregnancy result, it is always better to use this test kit 2-3 days after a missed period. This pregnancy kit will vanish all your anxieties within five minutes of the test and thus, this can be one of your go-to test kits when you skip your period or you are trying to conceive. Also, due to the high HCG concentration, first-morning pee yields the best results.

In order to get the results, one needs to put 3 drops of urine using a dropper on the marked pit, and if a dual pink line pops up, it means the result is positive. This product is affordable, and almost everyone can bear the best pregnancy kit cost/price.

#09. Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit

Pregakem is one of the oldest brands of best pregnancy kits in India. This test kit can provide results within 5 minutes of the test. The package comprises a unique tray meant to collect the urine, a dropper, a pregnancy test kit, and silica gel.

Moreover, to get better results, early morning pee is preferred. One needs to collect the urine in the tray and place 2-3 drops of urine with a dropper on the test kit, which has the S mark, and wait for at least 5 minutes.

If you can see two lines (one control line and one test line), you are pregnant, and if you see a single control line, the result is negative. Also, if you can’t find any line, you must take the test again. The box contains 5 pregnancy kits and is one of the simplest and best pregnancy kit in India, and the price of the same doesn’t affect your income at all as they are inexpensive.

#08. Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test

The Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy test must be your go-to pregnancy test if you want the test results just in a minute. This pregnancy test kit is classified as a premium pregnancy test kit, and to add more, it is a US FDA-approved pregnancy test kit available in India.

This user-friendly pregnancy test kit can be used as early as four days before you miss the period. The pregnancy test kit has a rectangular, color-changing manual where the color will change from pink to white if used appropriately. Also, the flood-guards feature helps in preventing errors.

The test kit is said to be 99 percent accurate, and the design of the product is what attracts the eyes. The results come as ‘+’ or ‘-,’ which clearly indicates positive if you are pregnant and negative if you are not.

#07. Ovlo Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

If you have missed your period and have doubt whether you are pregnant or not, you can opt for Ovlo Plus Pregnancy Test Kit which is easier to use, portable, and can give instant results. It is one of the most advanced kits on the market, and the test kits have a simple, one-step design. It also gives accurate results by identifying Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine.

The testing method varies as one needs to pee on the tip, which acts as an absorbent for 15-30 seconds, and the results can instantly be obtained at the end of 3- seconds. Furthermore, these kits are quite convenient to use as droppers and cups can sometimes be messy, and as the tests require peeing on the tip, one can easily carry them anywhere they want.

In order to get the results, you can take up the test on the day you missed the periods or after 2-3 days after missed periods. This test works best with first pee, so it is preferred to undergo a test with urine in the morning. Also, if the test report turns out to be negative, you can repeat the test. The sensitivity of the strip stands at 25mlU HCG/ml.

#06. Clear View HCG Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy test kits not only save you from the hassle of visiting the hospital after missing your periods but also are convenient as they provide results within minutes and ward off our anxiety. Out of the various options of test kits, one can also opt for Clear View HCG Pregnancy Test Kit.

The pregnancy test results using this kit are considered to be 99% accurate, thereby being reliable. Also, the kit can help one identify the pregnancy within 3 minutes of the test. The pregnancy test kit can be stored at room temperature, and the best part about this kit is that it can be used several times.

Furthermore, you can easily use this kit at any time of the day, unlike a few others where first-morning pee is preferred. A Clear View HCG pregnancy kit can detect pregnancy hormones HCG levels even four days before your cycles are due and can also detect HCG levels as low as 25 ml/L.

#05. Velocit Pregnancy Kit

The Velocity Pregnancy Kit is one of the best and most reputed pregnancy kits in India and is manufactured under Dr. Reddy. The kit, which is a standout from other options available in the market, contains a test card, a dropper, and a short note full of instructions. A desiccant is also available in the kit, which protects the kit by avoiding any sort of moisture.

To use this, 2-3 drops of pee are added to the rectangular window, and one can expect the result within 3 minutes after the test, and the results are 99 percent accurate. The test kit can, however, be used only once, and it is clinically tested as well to identify p to 25mlU/ml of HCG- the pregnancy hormone.

In order to get a more appropriate picture, the first pee of the day is preferred. The test works in the same manner where pink/purple detects positive results and one particular shading band means the result is negative.

#04. Pregamonth Test Strip

The easy-to-use pregnancy test kit can detect test results within 5 minutes and is one of India’s most trusted pregnancy test kit brands. The Pregamonth Test Strip displays 99 percent accurate results and comes with an instruction manual, making it much easier for the user.

To detect the pregnancy, one can dip the strip in 3-5 drops of urine in the aperture and wait for the test results to show up. While a dark pink or purple band means the test is positive, no pink or light pink band reveals that the test has turned out to be negative. Furthermore, the test, which is quite easy to carry out, can be done at any time of the day, and one need not rely on the first-morning pee.

#03. Acutest by Cadila

This pregnancy kit is also readily available in the market and is considered one of India’s best pregnancy kits. Acutest pregnancy kit is easy to use, and it is one of the least expensive pregnancy kits and affordable to check pregnancy on your own.

For using the Acutest kit, you need to collect the early morning urine and place 2-3 drops of urine through a dropper on the card window. The test provides results within 2-3 minutes; if you can see two lines, your test is positive. In the case of one line, you are not pregnant. The best pregnancy kit cost/price in India is affordable for all.

#02. I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit

If you are looking for a reliable test kit, you can opt for the I-Can Pregnancy test kit. The outstanding pregnancy test kit produced by Piramal Enterprise Limited contains a dropper and stick, and the kit has a clear S-marked area where you can drop 2-3 drops of your urine and can get the results within 3 minutes.

The results whether you are pregnant or not, depend on the pink or purple color band near the control. This kit can be used on the first day of the missed period, and the best pregnancy kit cost/price in India is something you can easily afford.

#1. Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit is one of the best pregnancy kits in India and is manufactured by renowned pharmaceutical brand Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The kit is believed to relieve one’s anxiety within 5 minutes.

The kit comprises a dropper and a chemical test strip. To find out the result, you must collect the first urine of the day and dispense 2-3 drops of it into the kit well.

Even when the HCG level is as low as 20mlU/l, the Prega News pregnancy test kit can detect pregnancy. While one single line indicates that your result is negative, two pink lines indicate that you are pregnant.

However, if you can’t find any line, you must undergo the test again as it may be invalid. This best pregnancy kit cost/price in India won’t make holes in your pocket as they are pretty affordable. These kits help in analyzing the HCG levels in the urine sample accurately.

Two types of pregnancy kit in India

#1. Strip Pregnancy Test

The strip pregnancy test kit is easily available in the market and is the most common one and is recognized by all. The testing kit has a hole on one end and two slots -T and C- which work as indicators.

In this test, one has to hold the strip/ dipstick in the urine stream. The Formation of two pink lines near the T and C slots assure you are pregnant and one line near the C slot shows that the results are negative.

#2. Cup Test Kit

The cup test kit pregnancy test kits come with a pee accumulation container/cup. To detect the pregnancy, one needs to pee in the given cup/container and dip the stick to know the result. If the strip shows two lines, you are pregnant and it shows one when the test is negative.

One must also note that if you see no lines, it implies an invalid test and it must not be confused with a negative result. In such cases, one must undergo a new test or likely consult a doctor for clarity.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying The Best Pregnancy Test Kit In India

As there are a host of pregnancy kits available on the market, it becomes pretty hard to choose the right one, and pregnancy is quite overwhelming for the to-be mother and family.

#1. Accuracy

Before purchasing the best pregnancy kit in India, one thing which you must focus on is accuracy. Many test kits provide 99% accuracy in India, and you can go for them without hesitation. Also, if you want maximum surety, you can use testing kits of various brands, which in turn may help you get an accurate result.

#2. Easy To Use

Cup-friendly kits are considered user-friendly and have sample slots clearly marked in the kit. Thus, one can go for them, and kits that have comprehensible indicators must be preferred as the unclear ones may create more vacuum for doubt.

#3. Expiry/Manufacturing Date

Yes, it is also crucial as it can alter the accuracy of the pregnancy. Before purchasing the best pregnancy test kit in India, you must also look after the product’s expiration date, as expired products may not yield correct results.

You must read and know the instructions well to avoid confusion before using the pregnancy test kits.  

There may be chances that you actually may be pregnant, and the test result might have displayed negative results. During pregnancy tests, hormones HCG plays a crucial role as they are produced rapidly when you are pregnant.

Thereby, if you undergo a test too early, there are chances that the HCG level might not be high enough to show a positive result.

Also, you might test positive one day and negative the other day owing to HCG fluctuations. Thus it is advisable to visit the doctor/gynecologist in such situations.

You might also get a false negative result if you drink too much water, and your urine might get diluted. 

Some Signs Of Pregnancy And How Do The Best Pregnancy Kit In India Work?

The days when you keep on wondering whether you are pregnant or not can be monotonous and hectic. You may be going through many emotions, and to clear your doubts within minutes, a reliable home pregnancy test can come to your rescue.

These home pregnancy test kits can identify the hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your urine. To those unknown, some of the cells (that may soon become the placenta) begin producing these hormones when sperm and egg join and begin growing. During the early phase of pregnancy, the HCG levels rise, and home pregnancy kits provide the answer to your question. 

An at-home pregnancy test can work in either of the two ways where in one case, you may hold the stick that is provided in the package in your stream of morning pee, and in the other case, you may pee in a cup/container and dip the stick to see the results. Later, the stick/strip is laid flat, and you must wait for the time mentioned on the pregnancy test kit and find out whether the result is positive or negative.

Also, there are chances of a false negative result; thus, if you get a negative result, you must go through the test again, and if the problem persists but you feel some of the symptoms of the pregnancy, you can consult the gynecologist at the earliest. The chances of false negatives increase if you test too early, use an expired test, or do not follow the instructions mentioned in the package. 

What Are The Signs Of Pregnancy & The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test?

As a home pregnancy test kit has made our life easier, and you can take the test if they have been sexually active (even using contraception) or have missed their periods. However, there may be other reasons you missed the periods.

Certain early pregnancy symptoms, including breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, and food aversions, must be taken into consideration, and the test must be undertaken. 

How To Choose The Best Pregnancy Kit For Yourself In India

The first step of confirming pregnancy has been made easier by revolutionary pregnancy test kits. These kits can give results right from the very comfort of your home. Furthermore, most of these testing kits identify the HCG levels and confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

As various options are available in the market, choosing the best pregnancy kit might be a task. However, you can keep in mind the various factors that have been mentioned below and pick the right kit for you.

  • The type of pregnancy kit you are looking for totally depends on you. While some pregnancy test kits may use strips, others may have a stick. Moreover, while some may ask you to pee directly on them, you may have to collect the urine in other test kits first. Thereby, it depends on whichever type and collection method you are comfortable with
  • Speed is another factor that must not be overlooked as you might have a nerve-wracking moment after missing your period. While some kits can provide the result right now, others may take a minute or so. So, you may opt for the one as per your preference
  • The affordability of various pregnancy kits is different, and you may pick the one as per your pocket. As most of the best pregnancy kits are affordable and come very much under your budget, thus one can detect the pregnancy as early as they can owing to the low price.  The cost of various pregnancy kits is different and you may pick one as per your pocket allows
  • You must also check the expiry date before buying the package as it may alter the results. The best pregnancy kits in India have longer expiry dates
  • The quantity you want to purchase is another factor. If you are trying to conceive, going for a larger quantity package is a better option. On the other hand, if you are looking for testing once or twice, you can opt for tests with fewer packages
  • Sensitivity is another factor and every kit has a different texture and quality. Some tests may pick up positive results much better than others can do
  • Customer feedback is also important as thus reading the feedback can help in judging the quality of the test, and you may land the right product

Why Should You Use The Best Pregnancy Kit In India?

The best pregnancy kits in India are easy to use and inexpensive. They can provide results within minutes without creating a hole in the pocket. One just has to put a few drops of urine in the tester and can know the results in minutes. 

As compared to blood tests, which are more expensive and the process right from scheduling an appointment with the doctor to getting the results may be strenuous for a woman, the home tests let you know the results shortly after conception. 

  1. The pregnancy test kits come in handy and can yield the results within 5-10 minutes. Moreover, the process is much more private as compared to visits to the doctors, and you can deal with the emotions within 4 walls of your house.
  2. In case you are anticipating pregnancy, the test kits can be helpful as they save you from the hassle of calling upon the doctor from time to time. Also, most women now prefer getting the test done at home and later consult the doctor for further checkups.
  3. Sometimes, you may miss your periods owing to PCOS or thyroid disorders. Thus, instead of rushing to the doctors out of anxiety, one can confirm the test results at home.
  4. The best pregnancy kits in India have lesser chances of giving you invalid results. Exceptions may occur if you don’t get the test done correctly. However, there is less chance of getting false results.
  5. These kits can also make the termination process easier as, at times, you may not want a child and may have unprotected sex. Thus, these kits may help you know the results as soon as possible and make the termination process easier. 

When Should You Use The Pregnancy Kit?

The pregnancy hormone HCG can be found in the pregnant woman’s urine at least 6-14 days after fertilization. While the HCG level rises every 2-3 days in the beginning, the level increases maximum in an 8th-11th week. However, before using the pregnancy test kit, you must also know when to use them for better test results.

  • In the morning hours, the urine is said to be more concentrated, and it contains the highest HCG concentration thereby, the best time to get away with the test is early morning as it increases the chance of you getting an accurate result
  • Many at-home test kits may give you a positive result as early as 10 days after you conceive. Thus, to get accurate results, you must wait for your periods before the test. Taking a test early may show negative results even though you might be pregnant. Also, as mentioned earlier, if you miss your periods and get negative results, you should contact the doctor
  • It is important to read the manual carefully as different products may have different functionalities. In some products, you may have to ensure that your urine touches the stick directly. As mentioned earlier, we can get the test results within 5 minutes, and if the result is positive, we may see two lines, and if negative, only one line may be visible

Are All Home Pregnancy Testing Methods The Same?

The various pregnancy testing kits are reliable and can display accurate results, except in some cases. The testing methods of various kits differ from one another, but they eventually look out for HCG in the body. Also, if you are using the pregnancy testing kit at your home, chances are that you may get the same results.

The only difference will be the sensitivity, where some might be more sensitive and thereby indicate a positive result earlier than others. To get a clear picture, it is better to wait till you miss the period as all tests will be accurate during this time.

How To Use The Pregnancy Test Kit?

Most of the pregnancy test kits in India comprise a handle, a test window, and a sample application window. You can find a removable cover cap on the application window and two line regions (one control and a test line region) on the test window. While many people may be accustomed to using pregnancy kits, many may not know how to use them.

  • The first step is to expose the absorbent window, and for that, you must remove the plastic cap
  • While using a strip pregnancy test kit, you have to point the absorbent pad in the urine stream directly. After this process, you need to wait for at least 7-10 seconds. You must ensure that an adequate sample has been collected in the test kit
  • While using a cup, the urine is collected in the container or cup that comes with the kit. The absorbent needs to be dipped in the urine for at least 10 seconds to get accurate results
  • After this step, you can close the cap of the kit followed by placing the pregnancy test kit in a horizontal manner
  • After all these steps, you can wait for 5 minutes for the entire process to finish and you may read your results which get displayed

Best Pregnancy Kit In India Is A Must For All

There are a number of best pregnancy kits in India 2023, and their usage may vary depending on the brand we choose. The best kit will be the one that may easily give correct results, be user-friendly, and might not be too costly.

Most of the test kits are 99% accurate if they are used properly, as mentioned in the manual. If you are trying to conceive, the above list of best pregnancy kits in India may help you choose the best ones from the lot. 

Pregnancy kits are very accurate and give accurate results. In case of confusion or if you get a false positive or negative, you should undergo a blood or urine test to get clarity. Following the accurate result, you can consult your doctor and your partner for the upcoming steps you need to take. 

Another advantage of the kit, as mentioned earlier, is that they may give results within minutes and save you from the pre-pregnancy anxiety you might undergo while waiting for results in case you went for a blood test or urine test. Also, if your test turns out to be positive, there are a few things that you must take care of: 

  • You can book an appointment with the gynecologist to get a clear picture. You can also learn about various medicines and food habits that you might have to follow to avoid any problems in your pregnancy journey
  • You must change your lifestyle and pursue habits that are good for your health. Also, you must try to maintain distance from alcohol, smoking, or any other addiction during pregnancy as it may affect your and the child’s health. You may also cut down on your caffeine consumption.

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How Does The Best Pregnancy Kit In India work?

While you are checking whether you are pregnant or not right from the comfort of your home, it is necessary to know how this process works. When you are pregnant, the body produces HCG, and the test kit checks the HCG in the blood and evaluates the hormone levels in the urine to detect if the result is positive or not.

The test kits have a chemical strip that keeps changing owing to the pregnancy hormone’s presence. In the initial days, you can see a faint line while testing, which may become darker with every passing day.

Initially, the results can turn out to be negative. Thus it will be significant to wait over a week to get the results accurately. The body produces more hormones with every passing day during the pregnancy.

Do the best pregnancy kit in India show accurate results?

As per surveys, the pregnancy kits always display accurate results. However, one must always knock on the doctor’s door in order to get a clearer picture of the situation in case of doubt.

A number of factors, including the time you undergo the pregnancy test, how long you have remained pregnant, or whether you are taking any medicines, affect the accuracy of the test. Thus, in such cases, doctors can be the right person for proper guidance and consultation.

It is good if you wait until after (a day, ideally the week after) your period was due to start in order to get the correct result as, before this, there might not exist much HCG in the urine, which would get detected on the test.

How to ensure accurate results from the best pregnancy test kit in India 2022

The at-home pregnancy kits, unlike lab kits, evaluate the levels of the HCG hormone in the urine and display whether you are pregnant or not. If you want to ensure that you get accurate results from these test kits, a list of things that may help has been mentioned below.

  • Before taking up the test, one must make sure that the test isn’t expired as it may lead to wrong results
  • One must not test too early and must wait until after they have missed the period to get tested
  • Following the instructions mentioned on the box is also important as different brands may at times have different indicators
  • Taking the test from the very first-morning pee is advisable as it may increase the chances of accuracy
  • Also, storing the urine in a dry and clear container is also important, and one must keep their hands away from the test window as it may affect the pregnancy test results
  • In order to get clarity on the results, one must wait for at least 5-10 minutes or the given time span, and it is advisable to not review after 30 minutes as well
  • Also, you must also contact the doctor if you get a negative result even though you might have missed your period or have other symptoms like abdominal pain, nausea, etc. that may bother you


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