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Yoga for Infertility: 15 Best Yoga Poses for Infertility


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Infertility has engulfed nearly 8 to 12% of the reproductive-aged population worldwide. Of 60–80 million couples suffering from infertility every year worldwide, probably between 15 and 20 million (25%) are in India alone. And the statistical percentage of the infertile population seems to be increasing every year. 

Infertile couples have reduced ability and minimal chances of becoming parents. While this issue is not restricted to medical or reproductive conditions, the impact is much higher psychologically and socially. Leading causes of fertility issues in men and women can be,

  • Advancing age, 
  • Stress, 
  • Hormones, 
  • Overweight,
  • Conditions of the reproductive tract, 
  • Lifestyle and dietary choices.

Easy access to the healthcare system has opened doors to a broad spectrum of infertility treatments. However, yoga has been one of the natural ways that can increase fertility while reducing stress, balancing hormones, and improving overall health and fitness. Hence referred to as fertility yoga. 

The fertility yoga poses or yoga asanas are proven and ideal to be combined with alternative treatment options or can be a daily practice even before fertility treatments. 

What is Fertility Yoga?

Yoga is a deep-rooted 5000-year-old scientific Indian practice that brings holistic healing and innumerable benefits. Fertility yoga is an elementary segment of this ancient practice. The fertility yoga poses or yoga asanas are designed to cure from within and heal the body, soul, and mind. 

Beginning the fertility treatment with the yoga asanas or combining them with other fertility treatments elevates fertility, chances of conception, and positive treatment outcomes by reducing the stress levels and cleansing the body of toxins. The asanas stretch and relax the reproductive tract muscles and have rhythmic breathing practices that can help balance the hormones. 

A Harvard University study shows women are 3 times more likely to conceive with fertility yoga. 

How can Yoga Asanas Boost Fertility?

Practising yoga asanas that improves your reproductive health is a good way to kick start your fertility journey. As mentioned earlier, the benefits you reap from switching over to yoga practices are immense. Here are some of the potential ones in terms of fertility and reproductive health. 

Yoga is a brilliant way to de-stress

Yoga asanas and postures decrease the production of stress hormones such as cortisol in the body. Reduced stress can boost the chances of conception and pregnancy. Yoga can also lower the signs of anxiety and depression.  

Yoga flushes out the body’s toxins.

Toxins in the body impede blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can lead to specific health conditions hindering reproductive life. Yoga helps remove toxins, promote blood circulation, and helps overcome the catastrophes of chronic illnesses hampering reproductive health.  

Some experts also believe that yoga asanas increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and release muscle strains that help stimulate the reproductive glands. 

Yoga balances the hormones.

Hormones play an active role in the development and functioning of the reproductive tract. Hormonal imbalances categorically can impact your reproductive abilities and psychological health. Yoga helps control these hormones and helps harmonise them while calming the mind. 

Yoga asanas in regular practice are an efficient tool in eliminating unnecessary hormonal changes and mood swings that can impede your possibility of conception.  

Yoga is essential for healthy ovarian functioning.

Ovaries are the egg-producing organs, and their proper functioning is essential for a healthy, viable, and mature egg production. Ovarian dysfunction can occur due to a variety of reasons. Yoga is an ideal way to address ovary-related problems that lead to less production of viable eggs. 

Yoga asanas can help wipe out the root cause of ovarian issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS- the leading cause of infertility among women.

Yoga improves sperm integrity.

Sperm factors play an important role in achieving pregnancy. Low quantity and poor quality sperm can lead to male infertility. Yoga asanas can work on the male hormones and stressors to help improve sperm parameters like concentration and integrity. Yoga also increases libido or sex drive in men, thus increasing pregnancy possibilities.  

Yoga Poses for Infertility

With yoga centres even in towns and villages, India has been pioneering yogic science and imparting yoga worldwide. Yoga is not about a single day’s workout. It needs to be practised under proper guidance and yoga experts. 

Here is a sneak peek into a few fertility yoga asanas with notable fertility-enhancing benefits popularly known to improve reproductive and overall health status. Nonetheless, we recommend you connect with your doctor and yoga expert to understand more about the asanas and proper posturing. 

1. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar means “Salutations to the Sun God.” It is a sequence of postures designed to improve blood circulation and reproductive functions while regulating menstrual cycles in women. 

2. Hastapadasana

Known as the standing forward bend pose, hastapadasana helps increase blood circulation by stretching the back and abdominal muscles. The asana relieves stress and allows body flexibility.  

3. Dandasana

Dandasana or Staff pose can be beneficial for women dealing with fertility issues. This asana strengthens the pelvic and back muscles and revitalises the body. 

4. Paschimottanasana

The Paschimottanasana is a two-legged forward bend pose that stretches the muscles of the lower back, hips and hamstrings. The asana improves the functioning of the reproductive organs including ovaries while reducing stress. 

5. Janu Shirshasana

A popular fertility yoga asana, Janu Shirashasana is also a head to knee pose that stretches the calf muscles, hamstrings and relaxes the abdominal muscles. 

6. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is also known as the cobra pose. It can stretch the torso muscles which help improve blood circulation. Bhujangasana is a step of Surya namaskar that can be performed as a standalone fertility-enhancing pose.

7. Setu Bandhasana

Setu Bandhasana means the bridge pose, enhances blood circulation, and calms the brain and nerves. It helps stretch the pelvis, back, calves, and abdomen.

8. Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani is one of the most ideal poses that revitalises the pelvic region. This yoga pose can be done against a wall and is known to reduce menstrual discomforts, lower back aches and radiating leg pain. It is known to improve fertility and increase the chances of conception. 

9. Salamba Shirshasana

A head stand pose or Salamba Shirshasana is one of the most challenging yet effective yoga asanas that have the potential to boost fertility. This yoga asana requires practice and can be developed in stages when learned by a qualified yoga instructor.  

10. Balasana

Balasana is also known as the child pose that resembles the foetal position. This asana improves blood circulation and fertility. Every muscle of the hips, soldiers, abdomen, back, and thighs get stretched in this asana.

11. Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana, or the Shoulder Stand, helps alleviate thyroid issues. It is one of the effective asanas that can help boost fertility. 

12. Baddha Konasana

The Baddha Konasana pose, or butterfly pose, helps stretch the inner thigh muscles and hip region. It is considered one of the best yoga asanas for infertility. It also aids in a smooth delivery with less pain.

13. Supta Baddha Konasana

Supta Baddha Konasana strengthens the thighs and groin region. It also helps alleviate menstrual cramps, stress, and stomach issues.

14. Upavistha Konasana

Upavistha Konasana helps stretch the thighs and hips. It helps strengthen the abdominal region and the spine while it calms the mind, de-stresses the body, and improves fertility. 

15. Shavasana

Shavasana is a mind and body calming posture, often termed a corpse pose. It normalises the heartbeats and relaxes the muscles. It is usually done after all the yoga asanas to relax the body.

Yoga asanas are effective when the postures, breathing, and stretching are aligned correctly. It is always better to get assistance from a yoga expert or instructor if you are unaware of the positions and steps to perform. 


Yoga is a holistic approach and an alternative treatment option for fertility. Yoga is an amalgamation of yoga asanas and yoga mudras that need to be done correctly. Yoga for infertility can be coupled with other fertility diagnoses and treatments or started even before starting fertility treatment. Connect with a yoga specialist to learn the right asanas and how to do the yoga asanas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can yoga increase fertility?

There is no direct connection between yoga and fertility. But, certain studies have shown that regular practice of yoga asanas can help improve your pregnancy chances. 

2. Can yoga cure infertility?

Scientific studies have shown that a daily practice of yoga can help reduce stress and improve reproductive, physical, and mental health- ovarian functioning and sperm production that can indirectly improve fertility or treat infertility. 

3. Which yoga is best for fertility?

With a wide variety of yoga asanas and yoga mudras, both men and women can improve fertility and chances of conception while reducing psychological stress. Some of the asanas known to be the best for fertility are:

  • Supta Baddha Konasana
  • Baddha Konasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Janu Shirshasana
  • Upavistha Konasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Balasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Surya Namaskar 
  • Shavasana
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