Bol Behen WhatsApp Chatbot: How to Use on Your Smartphone, Here’s the Step-by-Step Guide?


According to studies, only 15% of India’s adolescent population has access to sex education. This, paired with the lack of information about sexual and reproductive health, is becoming a state of concern in the country.

With India’s 21% population in the age of 15-19 years, access to proper sex education and knowledge about general health is the need of the hour, especially among the girl population.

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In an initiative to streamline further discussion about general and sexual health among adolescent girls, Girl Effect, in collaboration with WhatsApp, has launched “Bol Behen,” an AI-enabled Hinglish chatbot.

This article will explore more about the Bol Behen WhatsApp Chatbot and the step-by-step guide to using it.

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What is the Bol Behen WhatsApp Chatbot?

The Bol Behen (Speak Sister) chatbot is an AI-enabled 24×7 Hinglish chatbot available on WhatsApp. The initiative is by Girl Effect, a non-profit organization that emphasizes publishing digital media content addressing the concerns of adolescent and teenage girls.

This 24×7 chatbot is available to girls from anywhere across India, providing them with a safe space to get answers to their queries regarding their sexual and general health.

The Bol Behen platform was created to normalize discussions and open conversations about adolescent girls’ and women’s sexual and general health. In addition, the chatbot being on WhatsApp establishes a sense of privacy and security that allows Indian women to discuss their complications and queries with a trusted source.

Since WhatsApp boasts over 400 million active users, it was the chosen platform to streamline more accessible communication for girls in a safer environment.

The initiative of Bol Behen was initially launched in 2020 on Facebook Messenger. The drive was a success, with 100,000 conversations and 1.6 million exchanged chats among the younger and adolescent female population in India.

Kanishk Kabiraj, Girl Effect Country Lead for India, highlights that the Bol Behen chatbot will enable girls and women in India to get personalized healthcare journeys in a more secure and private environment.

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How to Use Bol Behen Chatbot on your Smartphone?

The Bol Behen chatbot is available on WhatsApp’s platform, which means it is accessible to both Android and iOS users.

You can access the chatbot via two methods:

Using direct link

If you aren’t considering saving the Bol Behen chatbot’s number, a direct link redirects you to the chatbot.

  • Click on –
  • Once you click on the link, it will redirect you to a layout shown below. On your smartphone, it will directly redirect you to the chatbot.
Bol Behan WhatsApp Chatbot
  • The chat should look something as shown below.
Bol Behan WhatsApp Chatbot
  • Under that, you can type “Hi” to initiate a chat with the chatbot.

Using WhatsApp number

If you can’t access the link, you can save Bol Behen’s WhatsApp number at +917304496601

  • Once you have saved it, you can refresh your contacts and open the chatbot.
Bol Behan WhatsApp Chatbot
  • Type “Hi” to initiate the conversation.

The Bol Behen chatbot is 100% safe and secure. So, if you are worried about the credibility of the information, you don’t have to. All the health-related information shared via the platform with adolescent girls and women is done via trusted channels and non-judgemental settings.


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