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How to Use Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit, How to Read Test Results – Positive, Negative


Looking for a home pregnancy test kit? What better than the Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit- India’s most popular pregnancy test brand. Manufactured by Mediforce Healthcare Pvt Ltd, the Prega News pregnancy test kit advertised and marketed by Mankind Pharmaceutical has built the much-needed trust among couples trying to conceive with its at-home pregnancy test kit.  

Generally, every pregnancy test kit detects urine hCG levels where you get the two pink lines indicating positive results and only one line signifying negative pregnancy results. Likewise, the Prega News pregnancy test kit is an easy-to-use pregnancy test kit at home rest assured you follow the instructions carefully. 

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It is more vital that you get accurate results rather than having a disappointment later. This article is a complete instruction manual giving you details from how to use the test kit to its safety and storage information. So that you get the most desired result and the anticipating moment turns out to be a joyous one. 

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Directions to use a Prega News Pregnancy Kit

Have you missed your period or have noticed signs of early pregnancy– mild pelvic cramps, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, vaginal spotting? You can use the Prega News Pregnancy test kit to check whether or not you are pregnant by following simple instructions. 

Each pack of Prega News test kits comes with a strip, a dropper, and a silica gel to keep the kit dry, away from moisture. 

  • Use the stick for your first urine sample collected in the morning. 
  • Collect the first urine in a clean container.
  • Use a dropper to add three drops of urine- one drop at a time into the sample well of the test strip marked by ‘S.’ 
  • Wait for 5 minutes to read the results
  • Once you finish reading the results, discard the strip

Note: For more accurate results, take the test before the first urine cycle of the day.

Interpretation of the results- Positive and Negative

The ‘result’ window of the Prega News pregnancy test has two line indicators- ‘C’ and ‘T.’

  • The C line is the Control line- Indicates that the test has worked properly.
  • The T line is the Test line- indicates positive results of the test. 

After the turnaround time of the pregnancy test, you can expect the below test result possibilities.

  • You do not see a C line or T line- It means that the test has not worked, and you will need to redo the tests. 
  • You get the C line but do not see the T line- Which means the test has worked and you are not pregnant. Your pregnancy test is negative.
  • You observe both the C and the T line, sometimes fainting lines- It means the test has worked, and you are pregnant. For a very light T line, repeat the test after a couple of days.
  • In rare cases, you see the T line but not the C line- Meaning the device may be faulty.

The Key Benefits of Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

Sometimes, the accuracy of the at-home pregnancy test kit becomes a question. Prega news pregnancy test kit has a proven 99% accuracy rate with its test result correct most of the time. No wonder it is the No.1 pregnancy test kit brand in India. The only criteria to be taken care of is you conduct the test when your bladder hasn’t got empty for at least 3-4 hours before the test. The benefits of the Prega News pregnancy test kit include:

  • It is convenient to use with minimal instructions.
  • With as little as three drops of urine, a woman can quickly get the pregnancy result in 5 minutes.
  • It gives you the convenience of taking the test at home and knowing your pregnancy status.
  • You can perform the test a day after your missed period date and get accurate results. 
  • You can find these pregnancy test kits at your nearby pharmacy or purchase them online by clicking the links below.

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Get its Safety and Storage information.

The pregnancy test kits are highly sensitive to moisture. Hence it is required to store these kits properly.

  • Try not to keep it for long as it is advised to use immediately after purchase. 
  • Before opening or using the Prega News Pregnancy test kit, ensure to store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Ensure to keep the kit away from sunlight and not store it in a humid place.
  • Always read the instructions before using the Prega News pregnancy kit
  • Also, ensure to check the expiry date before purchase and use. 
  • It is always safe to dispose of the kits and strips immediately after use. 

If you are unsure of the result, use a new kit to take the test and do not reuse the already used kits. To confirm the pregnancy test kit result, consult your doctor to take a laboratory blood hCG test


The pregnancy test Kit from Prega News is a perfect tool to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. For women, trying to conceive can quickly and easily use this tool at the convenience of your home. With a fast 5-minute turnover test time, the Prega News pregnancy test kit confirms pregnancy accurately. For any doubt or reconfirmation, you can always retake the test or consult your doctor for a more sensitive blood hCG test. 


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