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HSG Test Price in India 2022 | Hysterosalpingography Test Cost in India


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An HSG test stands for Hysterosalpingography, a specialized x-ray procedure done to analyze the health status of the fallopian tubes and the uterus. HSG helps find the exact cause of infertility in women. Your doctor may recommend this investigation to see the presence of blockage in the fallopian tubes or to check whether the uterine cavity is normal.

What are the other conditions that can be detected by the test?

  • Uterine Adhesions – Areas of scar tissues in the uterus
  • Pelvic abnormalities – Uterus and fallopian tube distortion
  • Cervical polyps – Benign growths of the cervical canal
  • Koch’s infection – infection caused by M. tuberculosis
  • Blocked fallopian tubes – Restricts the passage and fusion of gametes
  • Ectopic pregnancy – Implantation of the embryo outside the uterus

HSG is a primary diagnostic tool while it also helps monitor patients undergoing treatment for some female reproductive disorders. Additional tests like ultrasonography after an HSG may be advised for an accurate diagnosis.

HSG takes a minimum of 5 minutes to perform. It is an outpatient procedure typically done between the completion of menstrual periods (day 5-7) and the beginning of ovulation (day 13-15).  

How is the HSG test performed?

HSG test stands for Hysterosalpingography, where the internal pelvic organs are studied in a radiology lab. This test involves advanced HSG test instruments – Fluoroscopy, a highly advanced radiation-emitting scanning device that can help take X-ray images.

  • The patient must lie on the back, knees bent and legs spread out. 
  • The radiologist or the gynecologist carefully fills the uterus and the fallopian tubes with a liquid containing iodine
  • X-ray images are taken to analyze the flow of fluid within the reproductive tract. 

As the fluid travels into the reproductive tract, the white regions show the uterus contour and length of the tubes. Disrupted fluid movements indicate abnormalities. However, HSG cannot evaluate endometriosis, fibroids, and the conditions of the ovaries. 

After the HSG X-ray, the fluid is drained out. The woman undergoing this test can resume her normal activities immediately post HSG. Sometimes, your doctor may advise you to refrain from intercourse for a couple of days after HSG.  

Complications of HSG include slight vaginal or abdominal pain with occasional bleeding that is temporary and subsides eventually. Since HSG uses radiation, it is advised not to undergo the test without the doctor’s prescription.

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HSG test price in various cities of India

For questions like HSG near me, we have HSG performed in all the cities in India, and most of the diagnostic centers do have these tests at affordable costs. The test performed to evaluate the uterus and fallopian tube costs around Rs. 1,200 to 1,600. However, the prices vary depending on the city, lab facilities, and more. 

Name of the City HSG test price range
Bangalore Rs. 1290 – Rs. 5000
Chennai Rs. 2000- Rs. 4000
Hyderabad Rs. 1200- Rs. 3340
Kolkata Rs. 1200- Rs. 3000
Mumbai Rs. 1400- Rs. 3700
Delhi Rs. 1899- Rs. 6000
Pondicherry Rs. 1500- Rs. 3000
Pune Rs. 1990- Rs. 4500
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