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Mothers Horlicks From Which Month Of Pregnancy


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Yes, this is the first thing that comes to mind when you test positive for pregnancy.

Mother Horlicks can help you to get your desired nutrition.

Mother Horlicks is one of the best and most affordable nutrition supplements to help pregnant women.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the Mother Horlicks and from which month of pregnancy you can sip Mother Horlicks. So, read this post and share your feedback. You can also share your opinion below in the comment section.

Before we discuss Mother Horlicks and the right time for consumption, let’s talk about the nutrition and pregnancy diet.

Nutrition Is The Most Crucial As It Supports The Proper Development Of The Baby Growing In The Womb. Usually, The Nutrition Demand During Pregnancy Increases By 40-60%. So, If You Are Pregnant, Then Check Your Diet. 

If you aren’t on the pregnancy diet yet, consult your doctor and get your pregnancy diet plan. However, we have a well-researched article on the pregnancy diet. To read our blog, click on Pregnancy Diet.”

To fulfill your nutrition requirement, dal, Horlicks, and other protein supplements can help you with that. But there are a few dals which you should avoid. To read about the same, click Which Dal To Avoid During The Pregnancy.” 

Although there are multiple other options available in the market and your doctor may suggest different supplements as well, most of the time, the first choice among the specialists.

Do you know?

Mother Horlicks contains multiple vital nutrients to provide the required nutrition to the mother and her growing baby.

If you're pregnant, consult your doctor and start consuming Mother Horlicks, so your baby gets proper nutrition

All parents wish for a healthy baby; consuming adequate nutrition can help you with that. You should also get a regular doctor consultation to have the proper idea about your growing baby.

Usually, Doctors Suggest Pregnant Women Should Consume Mother Horlicks From The 2nd Month Of Pregnancy. But Sometimes, Doctor May Suggest You Consume This From The 4th Month Of The Pregnancy.

As discussed in the above section, the nutrition demand increases by 40-60% during pregnancy. However, this depends upon the growth of the baby. To know about your baby’s development in your womb month by month, click on “Baby Milestone.”

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Benefits Of Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

As we have discussed, nutrition is vital during pregnancy as it is linked with good brain development and healthy birth weight. In addition, consuming proper nutrition throughout the gestation period ensures that your baby will birth with no or fewer congenital disabilities.

Maintaining proper nutrition throughout the pregnancy also ensures that you will have less risk of anaemia and other unpleasant pregnancy-related symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, etc.

What comes to your mind when discussing a balanced diet or optimum nutrition???

A balanced diet simply means optimum concentration of protein, vitamin C, Calcium, fruits & vegetables, whole grains, iron-rich foods, folic acids, good fats, and other nutrients like chlorine.

Now the question that comes to mind is, which Mother Horlicks should you buy? So, let’s talk about it in detail in the below section.

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Which Mother Horlicks Is Best In India?

This list can vary, but here we have listed the best 3 Mother Horlicks you can consider buying. These are

  • Women’s Horlicks Health and Nutrition Drink, 400 gm, Chocolate Flavor Refill Pack (No Added Sugar)
  • Women’s Horlicks Women’s Plus Caramel Health Drink 400 g Refill Pack, Nutrition for strong Bones with 100% daily Calcium & Vitamin D – No Added Sugar
  • Horlicks Women’s Plus Caramel Carton, 750 g

Hope it is clear from which month you should start Mother Horlicks. If you like this blog, please leave your comment in the comment section. Also, share with your contact. Your single share can help pregnant women to give birth to a healthy baby. 

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