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A Celebration of Moms and Dads: National Parents’ Day


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Becoming parents is a beautiful celebration and experience in itself. In the U.S, nearly 150 million Americans share this very experience of being a parent. Parents, as we have seen and known, means a lot of responsibility and care that needs to be given to your child. 

In India, parenting is a key aspect that helps transfer cultures, value systems, and traditions between generations. Parents and their children also share a strong bond of being a teacher and a pupil where a child is mentored throughout his life with parents’ life’s lessons and experiences. 

To commemorate the major impact the parents have on the next generation of American citizens, parents and children across the United States celebrate National Parents’ day. This day is nationally observed on the fourth Sunday of July every year. 

National Parents’ Day in India

National Parents Day in India gained recognition after 1994 when an act of law or resolution was set establishing the imperative role of parents in bringing up their children. It was done during the tenure of then President Bill Clinton.

On August 5th, 1994, a joint resolution was introduced in the House of representatives “to establish the Fourth Sunday in July as Parents’ Day.” The House passed it on September 30th. The resolution was enacted to support those who take on “the important role of raising a child.” It also states that “ National Parents’ Day is a chance to create a positive tradition based on a core axiom- that the parent’s role is crucial in nurturing and development of children that requires investment, focus, and commitment.” 

The first National Parents Day was celebrated on July 28th, 1995, which also marked the first recipient of the National Parents of the Year Award in the U.S. It is a national observance day and since then, most countries, including India, celebrate the fourth Sunday of July every year as Parents’ Day.

However, some countries like Korea celebrate Parents’ Day on May 8th and Vietnam on July 7th every year. On this day, every level of local and state government is entitled to celebrate the day with initiatives and programs, promoting the selfless role of parents in nurturing their children. 

Significance of Parents Day Celebration

For a child, a parent is like a guiding stick. On one hand, they protect their child from falling, while on the other hand, they guide them in the right direction. Parents day is a Day dedicated to parents worldwide to acknowledge the love, care, sacrifice, and strength a parent bestows over their children. 

We celebrate Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June. But, Parents Day is to honour parents who play a vital role in shaping the child and their future while pumping them with cultural antiquities, discipline, and values. 

When we say family, it represents an atomic unit of the broader prospect called society. This minute element plays a dominant role in building a strong foundation for society. 

The parent’s role is shouldered by building this family bond, showering happiness, love, and understanding. The parent also carves the child’s life and brings them up to become responsible citizens of society. 

Parents not only mould but also encourage their children to inherit strengths, talents, abilities, and moral values and imbibe them into leading a good life. Parents not only fulfil their child’s needs and wants but also mentor their behaviour and mend their attitudes. 

Parents Day celebrates this special relationship between a parent and the child. Parents’ day celebration aims to strengthen this familial bond and cherish it for a lifetime.

How is Parents’ Day Celebrated?

Parents Day is a way of bestowing your gratitude to your parents for their relentless love, care, sacrifice, and nourishment they have given you while you grow. It is a perfect day to send cards, flowers, and presents to them. You can make it a more special event for them by sending personalised gifts, memorable family photos, handmade products, self-made arts, or any other way of expressing your heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to them. 

It is a day you show your love and appreciation through your participation and organisation of events like:

  • Organising a family get-together,
  • Cooking their favourite food or eating in their favourite restaurant,
  • A family picnic, outing, or movie, 
  • Helping them in small gestures like cleaning their room, doing a chore, gardening or simply spending time with them.

For parents, it is overwhelming to see their children shower their affectionate gratitude. For a child, the excitement finds no bounds, and their brains come up with ingenious ideas to complement their parents. At times, spending time with them or helping them with chores can be an ultimate moment of joy for the parent. 

As a community and social event, some foundations, and government organisations, conduct events and fun activities for the parents and children in local areas to bring happiness and smiles to the parent community. 

In the United States, each state nominates a parent who is an exemplary parent(s) for the National Parents of the Year Award. 

Parents Day Celebration Date 2022 and 2023

The Dates of Parents’ Day for this year and the upcoming years

23 July 2023

28 July 2024

27 July 2025

26 July 2026

23 July 2027

23 July 2028

22 July 2029

28 July 2030


Following the resolution passed by the United Nations, India Celebrates the unique and pure relationship of a parent and a child on the fourth Sunday of July every year as National Parents Day. Connect with your parents wherever they are and celebrate this day with fun activities and by making this day special, and memorable for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Which date is National Parents Day?

National Parents Day is celebrated to honour parents on the fourth Sunday of July every year. 

Is there a National Parents Day?

Yes. National Parents Day celebrates the enormous role that a parent plays in moulding a child’s life. It is a day to honour and respect a parent’s sacrifice, affection, and care no matter wherever they are. 

Which date is National Parents Day this 2022?

It is on the fourth Sunday of July- July 24th, 2022. 

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