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Pregnancy Symptoms Week 8: Baby Size, Weight, Development and More


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As you enter into week 8 of pregnancy, you are in your second-month pregnancy term, and you have only seven more months for delivery. The baby is little more than 1 cm big and looks like a kidney bean. 

The baby is growing multifold with the systems, organs getting in place. The mother may or may not experience the pregnancy symptoms. Some pregnancy symptoms subside after the first trimester, and some keep the mother engaged till childbirth. 

Baby’s growth @ Week 8 of Pregnancy

The baby is starting to show intricate facial details, intestines, paddle-like hands, and feet. With a size of approximately 1.2 – 1.4 cm and weight of 1.13g, the baby’s heart is beating at the rate of 150-170 times a minute. Some of the other organs and developments of the little one this week include;

Getting ready to move

Though the paddle-like hands and legs are developing, the baby’s first movements of jerks and stretches start from week 7, or week 8 of pregnancy and can be seen in an ultrasound. 

Developing lungs, heart, intestines, and more

The respiratory system develops with the branches from the lungs extending to the throat. The heart has had demarcated left, and right chambers and is pumping hard. The intestines have begun developing and will get tucked in the baby’s stomach soon. The lips, eyes, ears, nose, chin, cheeks are shaping up with speed. 

The networking of nerves

As the tissues and nerve cells are multiplying rapidly, the neural network is building, and will soon get ready to transmit messages from the brains to the organs. 

Can the mother feel the twitching movements of the baby? 

Although the baby’s movements are observed in an ultrasound, the mother cannot feel these jerks almost until week 16 or week 22 of pregnancy. 

Mom-to-be @ Week 8 of Pregnancy

The mom-to-be may be overindulged in the pregnancy symptoms or may not have many much-bothering symptoms such as,

  • Overriding Morning sickness- Statistics says more than 80% of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting by week 8 of pregnancy. 
  • Increased gas formation and abdominal bloating
  • You may feel tired, depressed, or anxious- these are commonly aligned with hormones. 
  • Constant constipation
  • Heavy white vaginal discharge, also called leucorrhea, is due to surplus estrogen production.
  • Growing breasts with darker nipples and blue colored visible veins
  • Food aversions and a heightened sense of smell
  • Severe headaches due to increased blood flow, fatigue, and stomach uneasiness
  • Mood swings, a common sign observed in pregnant women

Things to consider in Week 8 of Pregnancy

To-be mothers will need to know that their baby is nearly 0.04 ounces in weight, and your tummy needs enough breathing space. So, avoid wearing tight clothes. Know what else needs to be considered this week? 

  • Have an active yoga routine, moderate exercises like squats, walking, and swimming under the guidance of experts. This can keep exhaustion and other pregnancy symptoms at bay while helping you gain strength for delivery and childbirth.
  • Focus on catching up with a good amount of sleep. Rest can help you revitalize your energy levels. 
  • Melasma; dark skin patches developed during pregnancy tend to fade away after delivery. Skin irritation and acne are common in pregnant women. This is due to the high estrogen, hCG, and progesterone levels. Use sensitive skincare products, take prescribed medications, and apply a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen. 
  • The baby has started to put its organs in place, steadily growing, and gaining weight. You will also need to check on the weight gain schedule and learn how much weight to put on by the end of the first trimester. 
  • For acute headaches, paracetamol is usually recommended and safe to use. Consult your doctor before you take any other drug or medicine 
  • The pregnancy symptoms may not allow you to gain the extra calories, keep your nutrition right, take the prescribed prenatal vitamins, and you will be able to sail through the pregnancy signs. 
  • Please check on the white vaginal discharge, likely to occur this week. If the discharge color is yellowish-green, foul-smelling, or abnormal, it indicates infection and will need medical attention.  


By week 8 of pregnancy, you can start recording the bump size even though you may not be able to make out the baby bump yet. This week is quite exciting as the baby is officially moving with twitching and stretching of the little one recorded or viewed on the ultrasound. And if you still haven’t had your first prenatal check-up or ultrasound, take an appointment for the same. 


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