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Semen Analysis Test Price in India 2022: Semen Analysis Test Cost in Popular Laboratories in India


When a couple is unable to conceive; a sperm analysis test of the male partner is often recommended to check a range of sperm characteristics that help to determine a man’s fertility factor. During the test, various parameters of the sperm are examined under the microscope. These determining factors to be tested invariably decide the semen analysis test price. Some of these factors include:

  • The volume of the semen
  • Quantity of sperms present per mL of semen
  • Sperm morphology such as shape and size 
  • Grade of sperm motility
  • The fructose levels in the semen
  • Liquefaction time of the semen sample
  • pH factor of the sample
  • Semen turbidity
  • Number of white blood cells present

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In the male fertility determining test, the sample of semen is collected through masturbation in a specialized container at ideal lab temperature and conditions. The semen analysis test report indicates the need for infertility treatment in a man. It is also performed to confirm the success of vasectomy.

The popular semen count test cost also differs between cities and highly varies on a laboratory basis. Here is a list of male fertility test costs (base cost) in major cities pan India. 

Name of the City Semen analysis test price (starting price) 
Delhi Rs. 100 onwards
Mumbai Rs. 100 to 150 onwards
Bengaluru Rs. 100 onwards
Kolkata Rs. 120 onwards
Chennai Rs. 100 onwards
Pune Rs. 150 onwards
Thiruvananthapuram Rs. 100 onwards
Ahmedabad Rs. 50 onwards
Hyderabad Rs. 100 onwards
Bhopal Rs. 100 onwards
Patna Rs. 100 onwards
Guwahati Rs. 200 onwards
Jaipur Rs. 80 onwards
Bhubaneshwar Rs. 60 onwards
Noida Rs. 150 onwards
Chandigarh Rs. 80 onwards
Coimbatore Rs. 100 onwards
Lucknow Rs. 100 onwards
Indore Rs. 200 onwards


Note: The above given costs are the starting base price. The overall price will depend on the essential sperm factors to be tested. 

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