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Sugar Pregnancy Test: What is It, How Does It Work, How Accurate are the Results


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You must have seen the homemade pregnancy test using sugar on youtube and blogs and wondered if it is possible? Yes, it is possible! You can check your pregnancy with sugar at home. But, can this test be considered an alternative for an over-the-counter pregnancy test kit?

The sugar pregnancy test may give you quick and instant results for pregnancy but is not backed by science and lacks reliability. In short, you cannot count on these tests. However, it has been used by many at home and is proven to give fair outcomes.

This article explores the working concept, result interpretation, and much more about the pregnancy test at home with sugar.

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Sugar pregnancy test: What is it?

The sugar pregnancy test is a do-it-yourself (DIY) test for pregnancy that can be taken at home. It requires two basic ingredients:

  • Sugar from your kitchen pantry
  • Urine sample, preferably taken early in the morning 

It is a simple test that detects the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in the urine. 

How and when to take the test?

If you have missed your period or are not sure of your pregnancy and want to check instantly before you check using a home pregnancy test, this test can be helpful. 

This quick and easy-to-perform test is to be done early in the morning when the hCG levels in the urine are concentrated to be detectable. 

  • Take a few tablespoons of sugar in a clean, sterilized container
  • Run down the early morning urine sample into the container having sugar. 

The reaction of the sugar crystals with the hCG hormone indicates whether you are pregnant or not. 

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How does the pregnancy test with sugar work?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is the hormone produced by placental cells of the uterus after the formation of the embryos. The hCG hormone circulates in the blood and urine, and their levels gradually increase to be detected in urine. 

The sugar pregnancy test checks the presence of hCG in the urine after you have missed your menstrual periods. The sugar crystals react with hCG to form clumps of sugar to show that you are positive for pregnancy otherwise are not pregnant.

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Interpretation of results; How accurate are they?

If you are checking for pregnancy using sugar and after you run down urine samples over sugar, you will need to wait for a few minutes. You are likely to get any one of the below-mentioned test outcomes. 

Positive sugar pregnancy test

If you observe clumps of sugar forming in the mix, it is a positive sugar pregnancy test or positive for pregnancy. 

Negative sugar pregnancy test

If you do not observe any clumps or clusters of sugars in the mix, then it is a negative sugar pregnancy test or negative for pregnancy. 

You can take the pregnancy test with sugar at home all by yourself. But, these tests are not research-backed, and there is no evidence or proof to advocate the reliability and accuracy of these tests. There is no science explaining how the sugar agglutinates with the hCG hormone forming clusters. 

If you take this pregnancy test with sugar, you will need to retest with a home pregnancy test kit or blood hCG test to confirm the results.


Home sugar pregnancy tests are easy, simple, and quick tests where the sugar tests the presence of the hCG hormone in urine. hCG is an essential pregnancy hormone whose presence can confirm pregnancy. The sugar crystals in this test combine with hCG to form clumps indicating a positive pregnancy. 

However, these tests are less advocated by researchers and experts as there is no scientific proof for these tests. Though less reliable and accurate, these tests are performed by many and are getting viral over youtube and other blogs. 

If you check for pregnancy by using sugar at home, confirm the test results with additional pregnancy tests- an over-the-counter urine pregnancy test kit and blood test. 

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