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Top 10 Best Pillows for Pregnancy in India


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Pregnancy is no doubt a beautiful and rewarding journey for a woman. However, it brings a lot of challenges and disparities too. Carrying that extra weight is never easy on a woman physically, so there’s no doubt why most women complain about lack of sleep.

As one progresses into their pregnancy, the level of discomfort gradually worsens. The increasing size of the baby bump often imposes an obstruction on the mother while they are asleep. This is where pregnancy pillows come into the picture.

Pregnancy pillows are larger and more cushioned to offer all-around comfort to the mother during their sleep. However, there are different types of pregnancy pillows available in the market.

This article will walk you through the list of the best pillow for pregnancy in India and why you should pick them.

What are the Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows?

As we mentioned, there are a few different types of pregnancy pillows. Which one you pick will depend on your comfort during stressful pregnancy days.

Some of the most potent types are:

Wedges – These are smaller pregnancy pillows designed to relieve the muscle tension in a particular area in the body, including the bump, back, or even the lower abdominal region. They are versatile and are a great addition to pregnant women struggling with acid reflux and heartburn.

Total body pillows – These are a pregnant woman’s best friend. They often have an elongated shape that situates between the knees and offers optimal support to the back and hip. There are different shapes of total body pillows, including the U-shape and C-shape.

Full-length pillows – Last on the list are the full-length pillows, which are ideal for women who consistently complain about back pain and stiffness. They are multipurpose and effectively support the bump while ensuring the mother gets the required rest through the night.

Why you need a Pregnancy Pillow?

Unless you are pregnant, you won’t understand the true purpose of the best pregnancy pillow in India. They impose many benefits on the mother and relatively reduce the discomfort.

Some of the most potent benefits of a pregnancy pillow are:

  • It offers support to the hips, back, pelvis, abdomen, and the developing bump and alleviates the pain and muscle strain in those targeted areas.
  • It boosts the overall blood circulation in the body by helping pregnant women sleep on their sides instead of their backs.
  • It promotes the quality of sleep in pregnant women struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position due to the increasing size of the baby bump.
  • The great thing about pregnancy pillows is that they offer great support post-childbirth too. Not only do they help the mother stay comfortable with the added cushioning, but they are also great for the mother while they are breastfeeding their child.

These are the Best Pregnancy Pillows in India

When picking out the best pregnancy pillows in India, we wanted to prioritize a few factors:

  • The versatility of the pillow
  • Comfort level
  • Good-quality material
  • Extra cushioning

Following a lot of research, we have managed to narrow down our list to the top 10 best maternity pillow in India.

1. Sound Sleep Pillow

Material – Polyester

Size – Full length

Special feature – Hypoallergenic

What makes it special?

  • The highlight of the Sound Sleep Pillow is that it’s hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. The product comes with cotton pillowcases, making the fabric breathable and comfortable to sleep in.
  • The pillow is filled with 15D polyester fill, which is very spongy and makes the pregnancy pillow extra cushioned and comfortable.
  • Despite the bulky size, a single swipe of the vacuum is enough to clean the pillow from top to bottom.
  • Additionally, the product comes with a money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the quality or the overall comfort the pillow provides.

2. Mellifluous Ultra Soft Holland

Material – Polyfill

Size – Whole body

Special feature – Semi-circular design

What makes it special?

  • This pregnancy pillow’s versatile nature makes it a suitable fit for your first, second, and even third trimester, supporting you with soft cushioning all around.
  • The multi-functional benefit of this pillow is that it can effectively relieve back pain and hip and pelvic discomfort, all while promoting optimal sleep for the mother.
  • The U-shaped pillow design is ergonomic, supporting the stature of the pregnant woman and molding itself with the developing baby bump.
  • Lastly, the high-rebound filling keeps the pregnancy pillow fluffed despite how long you have used it.

3. Mellifluous Soft Holland Velvet Fabric C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Material – Polyfill

Size – Whole body

Special feature – Velvet outer cover

  • Another best pregnancy pillow in Chennai worth splurging on is the C-shaped one from Mellifluous with a soft velvet outer cover.
  • The best trait of this C-shape is that it promotes quality of sleep and blood circulation by enabling pregnant women to sleep on their side.
  • The curved shape and design also support the back, hip, neck, and head, all while alleviating the back pain and the belly pressure one is experiencing.
  • This multipurpose full-body pillow can be transformed into a wedge pillow for targeted relief in one part of the body.

4. Hiputee U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Material – Polyfill

Size – Whole body

Special feature – Adjustable shape

What makes it special?

  • If you are complaining about muscle stiffness and pain in the neck, hip, and pelvic region, this pregnancy pillow is ideal for relieving those complications.
  • The ergonomically designed U-shaped pillow follows the natural contours of the mother’s body to adjust to the growing baby bump.
  • The inside is filled with high-rebound filling, which keeps the pillows fluffed despite how long you have been using them.
  • The pillows have a velvet outer covering, which is very easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner.

5. Linenovation Pregnancy Pillow

Material – Polyester

Size – Full body

Special feature – Unique D-shaped pillow

What makes it special?

  • The Linenovation Pregnancy Pillow is unlike any other pregnancy pillow in the market, thanks to its unique D-shaped design.
  • The pillow is designed to follow the body contour of the mother as they progress into their pregnancy.
  • Featuring a high-density cotton material, the fabric is breathable and comfortable for pregnant women to sleep on throughout the night.
  • Not only does it promote quality of sleep, but this pregnancy pillow is also ideal for pregnant women who want to feel comfortable, even when they are watching TV or chilling on the couch.
  • The pillow supports the entire body, alleviating pain and discomfort in the back, neck, or even the pelvic region.

6. Pexmoon Pillow Mommy Premium Full Body

Material – Polyester

Size – Full body

Special feature – Printed outer cover

What makes it special?

  • The pregnancy pillow from Pexmoon is one of the few G-shaped pregnancy pillows in Hyderabad and pan India.
  • If you are tired of seeing those boring pregnancy pillows in solid color, this one is available in 34 different colors and prints for you to pick from.
  • The pillow is designed to support the natural curves in the body and adjust according to the growing baby bump.
  • Also, the pillow offers exclusive lumbar support, which keeps the risks of back pain to a bare minimum in pregnant women.
  • The cover is removable and easy to wash, making the upkeep and maintenance of the pillow very simple.
  • Besides its benefits for sleeping, the Pexmoon pregnancy pillow is also great for pregnant women who want extra support for their neck pain.

7. 3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy Pillow

Material – Polyester fill

Size – Full body

Special features – Extra lumbar support

What makes it special?

  • Although quite an underrated and slightly pricier brand, the 3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy Pillow is a great investment if you struggle with extreme back pain and discomfort during pregnancy.
  • This is a multipurpose pregnancy pillow that works during pregnancy, for breastfeeding, and as a baby guard and body pillow for the mother after childbirth.
  • The pillow is designed with extra fluff and cushioning, so it adjusts with the natural and changing contours of the pregnant woman’s body as they progress into their pregnancy.
  • Besides offering support, the pregnancy pillow is also amazing for preventing back pain and supporting the belly as the bump grows.
  • The pillows offer improved lumbar support, quintessential for pregnant women, especially during the third trimester.
  • Since the pillow arms are locked on the side, be assured that they won’t slip away as you keep tossing and turning throughout the night.

8. Dr. Cloud Pregnant Women’s Comfort

Material – Memory foam

Size – Wedge pillow

Special features – Ideal for supporting the growing bump

What makes it special?

  • If you are looking for a compact and portable pregnancy pillow in Bangalore and pan India, this is it.
  • The memory foam pillow conforms to the body and contour of the pregnant woman’s body, enabling them to support their ever-growing bump and get a comfortable night of sleep.
  • This is an ergonomically designed maternity pillow, meaning that they are designed to support the consistent changes in the body’s shape as a woman progresses through their pregnancy.
  • Besides the filling being memory foam, the outer cover of this pillow is cotton, ensuring that the material is breathable and comfortable to sleep through the night.

9. Mom’s Moon Ultra Soft Full Body Support Pillow

Material – Microfiber

Size – Full body

Special features – Machine washable outer cover

What makes it special?

  • If you are on a budget and want to buy a versatile material pillow you can use even after childbirth, the Mom’s Moon Ultra Soft Full Body Support Pillow is a great pick.
  • Available in multiple color options, the premium cotton cover is comfortable to sleep on throughout the night.
  • The pillow has an oversized fit, which is perfect for pregnant women who want that extra support for their baby bump and their hips, back, and pelvic region.
  • Designed with the fluffiest material, the pregnancy pillow fits around the natural contours of the body, allowing you to fully relax while getting some sleep through the night.
  • Also, the zipper cover ensures it is easily removable when the outer cover needs some washing and extra tending after a fitful night of sleep.

10. SNOOZY Fabric Ultra Soft U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Material – Polyester fiber

Size – Full body

Special features – 360° Total Body Support

What makes it special?

  • If you are looking for a pregnancy pillow that can support you in and out of your bedroom, this one from Snoozy is the best pick.
  • Not only does it work effortlessly while you are sleeping, but you can also turn it into a breastfeeding pillow by locking the arms in the back.
  • The unique U-shape of the pillow offers full-body support, especially around the back, hips, and even the neck and pelvic region.
  • The outer cover of this maternity pillow is extra soft and comfortable to sleep on. It is also hypoallergenic, which is always beneficial for pregnant women with super-sensitive skin.
  • The hourglass inner curve design fits around the contour of the body of a pregnant woman, especially as their baby bump grows through the months of pregnancy.
  • Buying the right kind of pregnancy pillow can introduce drastic changes to the pregnancy experience. So, always sift through all the options before shortlisting the one that best aligns with your needs and comfort.


Which type of pregnancy pillow is best?

The best type of pregnancy pillow depends on what kind of comfort a pregnant woman is seeking. For optimal comfort, full-body maternity pillows are considered ideal.

How many weeks are you pregnant? Do you need a pregnancy pillow?

There is no standard time frame for you to get a pregnancy pillow. In fact, they are a great addition to your sleeping schedule right from the first trimester to post-childbirth.

Which is better C or a U-shaped pregnancy pillow?

This depends on what you need in a pregnancy pillow. The U-shaped ones work better if you want full-body, front, back, and neck support. The C-shaped ones work better if you want a slightly smaller maternity pillow.


Pregnancy pillows are quintessential for a woman’s overall comfort and quality of sleep throughout the pregnancy. If you want a versatile and multipurpose maternity pillow, we hope you find an ideal pick in this article. We have kept the list tailored to fit everyone’s budget and needs.

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