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USG TVS Test Price in India 2022: USG TVS Test Cost in Popular Clinics in India


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USG TVS Test full form is Transvaginal ultrasound, a popular scanning procedure done during the early stages of pregnancy. The test assesses and confirms an intrauterine pregnancy and checks the developing fetus’s health.

The TVS test also establishes a tentative due date for the pregnancy and looks for any rising complications in the mother’s reproductive anatomy. The screening takes place during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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The USG TVS test is a safe procedure, both for the mother and the developing fetus. The screening checks the baby’s heartbeat and the placenta’s health. Besides the positive results, a TVS test can also rule out potent pregnancy complications like ectopic pregnancy, anomalies with the cervical anatomy, like short cervix, etc.

OBGYNs suggest getting the test for a holistic understanding of the conception and baby’s health and even finding a baby’s due date.



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How is the USG TVS test done?

The TVS test for a female patient is a safe and easy imaging process. The procedure is recommended during the first trimester, preferably within the first two months of the pregnancy.

During the test, a probe is guided inside the woman’s vagina to check the reproductive organs, the implanted fetus, and the overall health of the reproductive anatomy of the patient during their pregnancy.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps involved:

  • The patient has to lie down on a hospital testing table with their knees bent to allow better access to the ultrasound tech or the doctor assessing.
  • In some cases, the patient might have to put up their feet using stirrups.
  • Once the patient is comfortable, a probe (covered in a condom and lubricating gel) is inserted into the vagina. The process might feel uncomfortable initially, but it isn’t painful.
  • The probe transmits the sound waves to create precise imaging of the reproductive organs and the developing fetus, all of which appear on the ultrasound machine’s screen.
  • The probe is navigated through the different reproductive organs in the abdominal region until the doctor is satisfied with the necessary details.

In case the view is not clear, a doctor might suggest a saline infusion sonography (SIS), which offers a better field of view with more clarity.

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TVS Test Price in India

The transvaginal ultrasound cost in India varies from one city to another. Given how mainstream and quintessential the procedure is, it is available across most cities in India, making it more accessible to patients.

If you are looking for the cost of TVS ultrasound near me, this comprehensive table should give you a quick roundabout idea.

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Name of the City Starting price of TVS test **
Delhi Rs. 675
Gurgaon Rs. 675
Noida Rs. 1000
Mumbai Rs. 1200
Bangalore Rs. 510
Chennai Rs. 1300
Hyderabad Rs. 850
Kolkata Rs. 1300
Lucknow Rs. 900
Jaipur Rs. 2700
Mysuru Rs. 2000
Surat Rs. 1200
Ahmedabad Rs. 1200
Udaipur Rs. 850
Chandigarh Rs. 800
Pune Rs. 1200
Indore Rs. 1275
Nagpur Rs. 1000
Kochi Rs. 1700
Bhubaneshwar Rs. 2000
Dehradun Rs. 1200
Visakhapatnam Rs. 900
Guwahati Rs. 1500


**all the mentioned prices are not 100% accurate to the individual cities. Depending on the lab you are getting the tests done in, they are subject to change.


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