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14 Weeks Pregnant (2nd Trimester): Symptoms, Baby Development (Size & Weight), and More


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By week 14 of pregnancy, you are three and half months ahead in your pregnancy completion. For many mothers, the first thirteen weeks’ journey might have been a roller coaster one. Nevertheless, the rest of the pregnancy journey may be a cakewalk to come. 

As pregnancy advances, the baby is structuring itself into a cute little infant. This week marks the completion of your baby’s new lifeline-the placenta that caters to all the nutritional needs of the fetus. While we learn more about the pregnancy symptoms and fetal growth this week, we will also understand new terms such as lanugo and colostrum.

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How is the [email protected] Week 14 of Pregnancy?

At week 14 of pregnancy, the baby’s height ranges around 8.5 cm to 9 cm and weighs nearly 57 grams showing continuous rapid growth of the fetus. This week, the baby gets a new fine hair coat around itself, and the fetal brain gets demarcated into two major hemispheres. The other developments are discussed below. 

Multiplying, growing brain

There is a multi-fold increase in fetal brain cells. The fetal brain develops into two main halves- the left and the right hemisphere. It is exciting to know that the baby has started nibbling its fingers. Thanks to the developing brain for these movements.

With the baby’s size like the fist of your hand, the neck is getting longer, the headstands erect, and the baby is actually in the standing position.   

Growing hair and lanugo

The baby’s hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and other parts of the body are growing this week. Another characteristic development is the formation of lanugo– a fine external coating of hair covering the baby’s body, making the baby warm and cozy inside the womb. 

The nutritional aspects of the baby are taken care of wholly by the completely developed placenta connected to the baby through the umbilical cord. 

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[email protected] Week 14 of Pregnancy

After the testing phase of early pregnancy symptoms, the mother-to-be will see relief from the woes of first-trimester pregnancy. The uterus is growing, and you can feel the top portion of the uterus or fundus when you press the lower part of your abdomen. Although rare, some of the pregnancy symptoms observed this week include:

  • Lesser morning sickness- nausea and vomiting
  • Less frequent urination
  • Sharp or dull pain in the lower abdominal zone due to stretching of abdominal ligaments- Round ligament pain.
  • Round ligament pain is often observed when shifting positions, sitting, lying down, coughing, or sneezing. 
  • Possibilities of urine infection and vaginal infections
  • Swelling and bleeding of gums- due to a rush of stomach acids in the oral region and increased pregnancy hormones, there is a rise in plaque formation on the teeth inviting gum problems and diseases. 
  • Moodswings, headaches
  • Weird food cravings and aversions
  • Oily, spotty skin. High chances of having Chloasma or pigmented skin that subsides gradually after pregnancy.
  • Large, swollen blood vessels on the legs-Varicose veins can get visible
  • Less tender breasts but growing
  • Some may observe yellow stains in the bra or colostrum– the first milk you produce during pregnancy. 

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What is colostrum? Is it normal to notice it during pregnancy?

Colostrum is the first milk produced. Leaking of the first milk from the nipples during pregnancy, weeks or months before delivery is possible. It is normal to notice colostrum leaking and forming yellow stains in the bra. But, if you observe abnormal red blood stains instead, you will need to consult your specialist.

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Things to consider @ Week 14 of Pregnancy

As pregnancy progresses into the second trimester, less likely morning sickness may improve your appetite. However, having a healthy diet during pregnancy, eating in small portions more often, moderate exercise and pregnancy yoga can help maintain a healthy pregnancy weight.

Some of the other aspects to consider this week are;

  • Spots and moles more prominently develop during pregnancy. Check with your doctor and use mild topical lotions and skincare products.
  • While you sleep, keep your leg at an elevated position to improve blood circulation, avoid swelling of veins of the legs, avert the risk of high blood pressure, and ease the round ligament pain. 
  • Have a healthy routine of exercise, good sufficient nutrition, and activities to lower the risk of developing gestational diabetes. 
  • Have foods rich in vitamins and minerals as fresh foods and vegetables. Avoid frozen, unprocessed, high-calorie, and sugar-rich foods to maintain healthy weight gain during the pregnancy term. 
  • Make use of the natural sunlight every day to get the essential vitamin D, or check with your doctor for the necessary vitamin D supplement.  
  • It is advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing for the growing uterus. Giving enough breathing space for yourself and the baby is required. 


At week 14 of pregnancy, your baby has sprouting eyebrows, filling hair all over his body- lanugo. As the placenta is fully developed this week, the baby can get its nourishment through the connecting umbilical cord. The mother-to-be might seem relaxed with easing early pregnancy symptoms, bulging baby bump, and pregnancy weight gain is notably seen.  


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