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Week 36 Pregnancy Symptoms, Tips and Baby Development


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You are finally nine months pregnant and in the home stretch. Not just your body, your baby is now growing rapidly, ready to come to this world soon. Your baby now has fully-grown fingernails to healthy bones to support them after their birth.

As you bask in the last few weeks of pregnancy, start preparing for the big day that is coming around. Go over and cross-check your birthing plans and have your hospital bag ready on standby.

Discuss your birthing plan with your doctor and ensure everything is ready and good to go when the day finally arrives. Then, spend quality time with your partner as a family of two before your baby finally arrives.

What Changes will my Body Undergo?

Your baby hasn’t stopped growing inside you, so you will likely notice consistent physical discomfort in the days leading up to the due date. But don’t get too worried because these last few weeks of nurturing will ensure the best for your baby’s health.

Tiredness and exhaustion are two common occurrences during this week. But hang in there. You have a few more weeks to bear through. Try to revel in these last few weeks of being pregnant because your baby will be here any time now.

With the due date approaching, pregnancy-induced anxiety is pretty standard. So don’t let it take over your senses. Instead, speak to your doctor and talk to a therapist if you want that extra support.

What changes will my baby undergo?

Your growing baby bump is a testament to your baby’s development inside you. At Week 36, your baby measures 18.5 inches from the crown to the heel. Also, the baby currently weighs 6 pounds, which is roughly 2.7 kg.

Since you are in the home stretch with the delivery date approaching, your baby is in the head-down position, ready for birth. Around 97% of the babies stay in that position starting this week.

Your baby has also developed a full sleep cycle by now, which is pretty promising. In addition, a period of quiet sleep is prominent by week 36.

Baby’s eyelids are fully formed and visible by this week too. You might witness them during your routine scan, so keep an eye out for that. Surprisingly enough, your baby is now the size of a head of Romaine lettuce.

What kind of symptoms will I experience?

One of the most prominent symptoms is contractions; since you are in your ninth month of pregnancy, one of the most prominent symptoms is contractions. They could be the staple Braxton-Hicks contraction or actual labor contractions. Your OBGYN will advise you to time the contractions to get a clearer idea.

Besides that, some of the other staple symptoms include:

  • Tiredness
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Backache
  • Heartburn
  • Leaky breasts
  • Frequent urination
  • Lightening
  • Pelvic pressure

Don’t fail to time your contractions and check if your water breaks. If that happens, it’s time to rush to the hospital for your delivery.

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What should I prepare for this week?

As you near your due date, pelvic pain and discomfort will become more and more prominent. The last few weeks aren’t the most pleasant to experience, but they bring a lot of excitement to bringing life to Earth finally.

Following are a few tips to follow:

  • If your pelvic pressure increases and gets worse, combat that by wearing a pelvic support belt.
  • Keep your feet propped up to prevent further swelling.
  • Eat nutritious meals and maintain hydration.
  • Stay vigilant about any signs of labor and take necessary steps accordingly.
  • Get a perineal massage for some relief.
  • Prepare your birthing plan and your hospital bag too.
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