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Which Dal To Avoid During The Pregnancy


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Hey, future moms!!!!!!

Congratulations on the upcoming happiness.

Being a mother is the best feeling, but ladies, do you know it also brings tons of responsibilities from the very first day. 

Yes, the day your pregnancy kit or gynaecologist confirms that you are pregnant, your responsibilities start.

These responsibilities are not only about future planning but also about modifying your dietary habits, several changes in your lifestyle, and many more. 

Keeping everything aside, we will discuss some modifications you need to adapt to your diet.

In this article, we will explore the list of dals you should avoid during pregnancy. So, if you are searching for “Which Dal to avoid during the pregnancy,” this post is about you.

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List Of Dal You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Urad Dal
  • Chana Dal

Note- It is an old wives’ tale that a pregnant woman should avoid consuming urad dal and Chana dal during her gestation period. Although no significant scientific studies prove this, many people avoid consuming the above-listed dal during their pregnancy.

According to the expert, one should consume 2-3 bowls of dal during her 2 trimesters, i.e., 3-6 months of her pregnancy.

Most of the dal contains folic acids, protein, fibre, and vitamin B9. Consuming dal during the 2nd-trimester helps in the baby's weight improvement and brain capabilities.

#1. Urad Dal

Usually, people are advised to ignore urad dal (black gram) during pregnancy. But yet, the exact reason is unknown. 

One of the biggest disadvantages of consuming urad dal is it increases the uric acid level in the body, which may lead to kidney stones.

A high level of uric acid during the initial period or the 1st trimester of the pregnancy may lead to preeclampsia, a health condition that leads to the poor liver function and fluid in the lungs of the pregnant ladies.

With the elevation in the uric acid concentration, the developing baby’s health may get compromised and may lead to the death of the foetus. This is why people suggest not consuming urad dal during pregnancy.

However, different people have different opinions on this. Some articles on Google mention that consuming urad dal is beneficial during pregnancy.

So, consult your doctor and ask them whether you should consume urad dal or not.

#2. Chana Dal

Chana dal or chickpea has advantages still, people suggest pregnant women avoid consuming this dal during their gestation. And the reason for the same is that it possesses several side effects, which are listed below:

  • This may lead to an allergic reaction if you have any certain sensitivity history
  • In some pregnant ladies, chana dal may lead to the acidity
  • Consuming chana dal during your pregnancy may cause some digestive issues, and this is something a pregnant lady try avoiding
  • Regular consumption of chana dal during the pregnancy causes stomach aches and discomfort because of the blotting or accumulation of gas
  • In some cases consuming chana dal during the pregnancy may lead to the itching, nausea, or even upset stomach

These are a few reasons why people are advised to avoid chana dal during pregnancy. But this may happen, you may not experience any of these issues.

See, there are tons of benefits of consuming dal during pregnancy, so the gynaecologist always suggests you consume 2-3 bowls of dal every day, especially during the 2nd trimester or 3-6 months of your pregnancy.

So, if you are expecting and have not yet received the diet chart, ask your doctor and get the list. And now you know there are 2 dals which people suggest avoiding during pregnancy so ask your doctor for the same.

Here is the end of our article. Prega Junction always welcomes your feedback and suggestions. You can also mention the dals name below in the comment section, which one should avoid during the pregnancy. We will try to cover that in our next article.

Please also share this post among your contacts so that the maximum number of people can get aware of these facts. 

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Is it good to eat dal during pregnancy?

Yes, experts suggest a pregnant lady should consume 2-3 bowls of dal during 2nd trimester. Actually, dals are rich in folic acids, protein, and vitamin B9, thus helping the baby’s proper development. We have discussed this in the above section (CLICK HERE to Read).

Which dal is good for early pregnancy?

Dal is one of the most crucial things one should consume during pregnancy. Below we are sharing some of the crucial dal lists which you must include in your diet

  • Green Gram Dal or Moong Dal
  • Toor Dal
  • Masoor Dal

Note: Consult your gynecologist for more detailed information and ask for the diet plan.

Is chana dal safe during pregnancy?

See, we’ve discussed in the above section that consuming chana dal during pregnancy may lead to complications. However, you can ask your doctor for the same. To check the complication of eating chana dal during pregnancy, CLICK HERE.

Is masoor dal safe in pregnancy?

Yes, Masoor dal can be safe during pregnancy because it is rich in iron. Thus, it prevents pregnancy-related anemia in women. Masoor dal also contains folate, which helps develop the fetal nervous system and prevent congenital disabilities. So, you should include masoor dal in your diet during pregnancy.

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