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Prega Junction is an Indian media company that brings the next generation of women closer to healthcare providers. For their various pregnancy related needs.

Why Prega Junction?

The primary objective of our diverse online presence is to spark inspiration and curiosity in the minds of our readers. We believe that engaging content can transform our reader’s perspectives and guide them to make better decisions.

Building Awareness. Supporting Conversations. Driving Change.

We provide a platform customised towards Indian needs to our advertisers to publish holistic brand  content that improves brand engagement, and encourages ROI.

Branded content

With Prega Junction, brands have the opportunity to narrate their story and reach their target audience with the help of women-led communities.

Banner placement

You can benefit from our vast monthly and annual readership with banner graphics displayed in the article for better visibility and conversion.

Landing page creation

Our editorial team can track our vast and engaged readers to your landing page with interactive content pieces.

Brand microsite integration

Leverage our editorial and design team to create microsites for individual products to drive better traction and sales.

Video testimonials

Our platform provides brands with the opportunity to create more credibility in front of their end users through video testimonials.

Social amplification

Our social media profiles can drive traffic and exponentially improve your product or service’s  sales.

Live expert webinars

Leverage our interactive and highly engaging social media platforms to host live webinars and expert talks for better audience outreach and branding.

Build Social Engagement

Use Prega Junction’s social media pages to host events and conduct giveaways and interactive content to amplify your email list and potential clientele.