Terms of Use

This document (web page) will serve as an electronic testament under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and serve as a valid contract formed through electronic means. Prega Junction is a registered company under the Indian Companies Act, 2013, headquartered at Gurgaon, India.

Under the Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, we publish the rules, regulations, privacy policies, and terms of use for the users accessing, using, or browsing our content at Prega Junction. This applies to using the same via the mobile application if we launch one in the future.

Please note that when you are using, downloading, or accessing any information on Prega Junction, you agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy clearly stated on our website. So, we’d highly recommend you look through the individual policies before accessing our website information. This will ensure clarity of thoughts and better transparency between you (our readers) and us.

Who can Use our Web Platform?

Our content published on Prega Junction is ideal for any online user above 15. Anyone able fifteen (15) who is entering our website is bound to our agreement and the following terms of use that we have clarified on our website. If a reader is under 15, they should be entering our website under parental or guardian supervision. The parent or guardian, in that case, will be liable for accepting the Terms of Use and Privacy policies.

Creating an account on Prega Junction

When registering on Prega Junction, we expect you to share valid and updated details for better communication. Passwords and handling the same is solely your responsibility, and any infringement of privacy or security by a third party using your password is your liability. If you find any non-discretionary actions happening using your account or password, inform us immediately.

Business/Institute/Organization use of Prega Junction

Even if your company or brand, or institution has a separate agreement with us, use of any information from our platform binds you to the agreement under the Terms of Use. If you are using our content or mentioning us for your business or commercial purposes, we assume that you have authorized formal permission from our concerned executives before publishing the content and commercializing on the same. Failure to do so will involve legal representation.

Prega Junction will not be held accountable or legally bound for any misinterpreted brand representation by other businesses that we haven’t authorized.

User Guidelines

We assume that as readers, you will use our content for information and lawful purposes only. If you are registered on Prega Junction, you will have access to all the content, advanced search, access to commenting, and even create clipbooks. If you don’t have an account with Prega Junction, your user experience on the website will be limited.

You agree not to use or commercialize our content for:

  • Spreading false, inaccurate, and misleading information
  • Infringing the third-party copyright, patent, trademark, or legal rights associated
  • Violating the laws of the country
  • Threatening, harassing, or promoting hate speech
  • Using them for obscene, gory, or pornographic content
  • Violating or prompting self-harm
  • Phishing or spamming that might invoke security issues for Prega Junction
  • Dealing with malware and viruses on the internet
  • Interfere with other reader’s user experiences on the website

As a reader, you also agree not to:

  • Sell, sponsor or commercialize with Prega Junction’s content, service or products without any formal permission
  • Create a Member profile for spamming
  • Post unwarranted and unsolicited comments on our published content
  • Using Prega Junction’s logo, trademark, or branding without permission
  • Try to infringe or circumvent our security and privacy of the website
  • Collect or store personally identifiable information from Prega Junction
  • Directly compensate the users for following or unfollowing
  • Create or display advertisements that mimic the branding of Prega Junction

Any violation of these pointers mentioned above may result in immediate termination of the registered account on Prega Junction and can lead to future legal actions, depending on the severity.


The content published on Prega Junction is diverse and is protected under multiple laws involving intellectual property. The content available on our website is the sole property of the creator and the publisher and is subjected to copyrights and trademarks bound by the Indian legal system.

You can’t reproduce, copy, redistribute the content on other platforms without permission, especially not for monetization. You can link our guides and information on your website/blog as external resources and encourage your peers to engage with our content. You can create a hypertext link to our site, ensuring that the linked association isn’t mentioned as a sponsorship.

For better authentication of the content we post and our advertisements, affiliate, and sponsored content, Prega Junction will provide links to third-party websites. It is your sole responsibility when you click and view those links.

User Content

Prega Junction encourages audience engagement on our shared posts, blogs, videos, etc. We allow our registered readers to share videos, photos, comments, articles, and other resources to our website. All of these are verified before they are made visible on the platform. All of these are termed “user content.”

Any kind of information that you post on our website is your responsibility. You will accept all the risks, security threats, and legal implications of the said content. You also agree that you hold responsibility and accountability for all the content you post on Prega Junction. You have all the rights over the said content, and Prega Junction holds no accountability.

While you are the content owner, posting the same on Prega Junction gives license to the information you have shared. With that, you also give us a “non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use, store, display, reproduce, re-clip, modify, create derivative works, perform and distribute your user content.”

We can use your content to promote on social media, partner companies, etc. Nothing in these rights will restrict Prega Junction from using the content that is shared as user content on our website.

Although we don’t modify any user content, we have the sole right to do so if it doesn’t abide by our ethics, morals, and branding. If it violates our terms of use, we can also remove the user content with immediate effect.

Third-party links, sites, and services

To authenticate our information or products and services, we can link third-party websites and brands to our website. This can also include advertisers or our content sponsors. In that case, the same will be disclosed for transparency.

When you click on any of these external links, we hold no responsibility for your actions or the content on the other website. You do so at your own risk and can’t hold Prega Junction liable for the same.

Contests or Promotions

We might collaborate with our advertisers or sponsors to give back to our readers via contests and promotions on rare occasions. If you enter our contests or promotions, we assume you submit to the terms and conditions specified by all the parties involved in the contest. You also permit us to share your personally identifiable information with the sponsors conducting the giveaway.


Our Privacy Policy sheds light on the ways we collect, store and use the information our readers provide us with via our website. Our privacy policies are dynamic and will be updated from time to time. When you continue to use our website, we assume that you agree to the existing, new, or revised privacy policies shared by us.


Prega Junction is diligently working towards making the engagement between our readers and us a safe, secure, and private affair. While we focus on encryption, malware checks, and many other measures to ensure optimal security on our website, we can’t 100% guarantee that a third party won’t breach our website security and access the personally identifiable information shared by you on our website. In case you find your account compromise, report back to us immediately.

To report any kind of security breach, reach us via email at [email protected].


Prega Junction is respectful of the intellectual property rights of its readers and visitors and expects the same reciprocated. If you find any information that could be infringing copyright issues (on our website or others), please write to us at our email at [email protected].

Prega Junction authorities will assess the complaint/report with due diligence and ensure immediate removal of the said content if it infringes any copyright claims. Also, we hold 100% right to disable or permanently terminate any affiliated accounts on our website if the same infringes or breaches our copyright issues.

Changes or Updates to Terms of Use

Prega Junction will update, change or tweak the Terms of Use from time to time. This is completely at our discretion, and it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated about the updated Terms of Use. If you continue to use our website, we assume you agree to the changed or updated Terms of Use.

Healthcare or Medical Advice

The content shared on Prega Junction is written, edited, and published by our editorial team and is obtained from Prega Junction licensors. Any content related to healthcare or medicine is for Information Purposes only. This is not medical advice.

Our shared content on Prega Junction is not meant to be professional or medical advice for any condition. We will always suggest you consult your primary physician to get medical advice on any issue you are experiencing.

If you are in a medical emergency, contact your doctor and emergency services immediately. Prega Junction doesn’t endorse or promote any kinds of medical tests, physicians, or medical opinions on our website. Any kind of reliance on our content, our employees, and others appearing in our services is completely at your risk.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Prega Junction is provided “as is” and “as available” without the inclusion of any kinds of warranties, express or implied.

You agree that the use of Prega Junction is at your risk and any kinds of damage or loss using the material, services, or information from Prega Junction is yours to look out for. Prega Junction, its affiliates, agents, and licensors aren’t responsible for the accuracy, merchantability, non-infringement, etc. of any or every published content on the platform.

Prega Junction also doesn’t guarantee the website to be error-free, free of malware, and away from harmful online threats. Prega Junction is not a substitute for professional medical services or advice.

Limitation of Liability

Prega Junction won’t be liable for “indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, or any loss of profits or revenues, whether incurred directly or indirectly, or any loss of data, use, goodwill, or other intangible losses of” relating to the shared content, information, products, its usage, or unauthorized access.

Applicable Law & Exclusive Jurisdiction

Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the Indian jurisdiction. The place of jurisdiction shall be exclusively in Gurgaon.

Our entire agreement

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy constitute a transparent communication between our readers and Prega Junction. If a part of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remaining of it will still be effective according to the laws of India.