Advertising policy

Prega Junction is curated with the purpose to bring credible and well-researched information to our readers. Our writers and editors publish content after fact-checking and supporting the information with credible scientific resources.

In order to support the publication of such high-quality and researched content, we rely on advertisements, sponsored content, and affiliates to keep our website free for our readers. This revenue generation helps us work with skilled writers, editors and designers to bring the latest content to our readers.

However, the integrated advertisements don’t affect our editorial autonomy and don’t make us biased with the content we are sharing. Every opinion, thoughts, and reviews are our own and without any biases.

Sole Discretion of Ads

Prega Junction is open about the display of ads on our website pages. We also analyze, research, and look into each ad displayed on our website. If any of the ads don’t match our website’s ethics and morals, the advertisers are contacted for immediate removal of the ads involved.

We advertise responsibly

We understand that with a website focused on pregnancy, fertility, and parenthood, our audience must be responsible about the advertisers or sponsors we work with. We never want Prega Junction to affiliate itself with any advertisers that don’t stand by the ethos of our website. We don’t endorse brands or companies that will tarnish our name and credibility and will affect our readership.
We ensure that every advertisement placed on our website is inlign with legal aspects of the industry,

We Distinguish between Advertorial Content From Editorial Content

Correlating to our discretionary ethics, our advertorial content (sponsored) is mentioned under Sponsored content. The advertisements are always highlighted to maintain transparency with our readers.

We conduct Thorough Editorial Checks

Sponsorships, branded campaigns, advertisements are part of our revenue generation and funding to help us run the website for free. The editorial team at Prega Junction is responsible for creating the content published on the website. There are three types of sponsored content that we work with:

Sponsored or branded content

These include branding campaigns and reviews of products and services used and looked into by our editorial team before any content is published. Such contents might include links to the advertiser’s website for traction. However, we mention the same in the content itself.

Brand pages

Prega Junction hosts web pages for certain brands that we truly believe in and know will benefit the interest of our readers. However, our editorial team hasn’t created, vetted, or endorsed the content published on these web pages. They are governed by the brand themselves and don’t reflect the editorial standard of Prega Junction.

Native advertising

These advertising pieces are placed between the paragraphs in the content. These listings redirect the readers to the advertiser’s page.

We are Transparent about Affiliate Relationships

Prega Junction includes affiliate links in the articles. If you find a “Buy Now” button in the content, we might earn a commission if you purchase using that link. However, our editorial team is working diligently to ensure that the content shared with affiliate links is worth the time, money, and effort.

Disclaimer: Prega Junction may earn a commission when products are purchased through affiliate links in the article. However, this partnership does not influence the editorial ethics of the published content.