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The Company, Prega Junction, is registered under the New Companies Act, 2013, has its

Head office at– 540, 5th Floor, JMD Megapolis, Sohna Rd, Sector 48, Gurugram, Haryana-122018.

E-mail address[email protected].

Prega Junction understands the importance of the privacy of every user browsing or accessing its website, and related pages.

The Prega Junction privacy policy (referred to as Privacy Policy) is an electronic document framed as per the Information Technology Act, 2000, amended in 2008. This Privacy policy prioritizes ‘Data privacy as the fundamental right.’

Prega Junction, through its privacy policy, familiarizes you with the purpose of information and the data collected through its website and related web pages and web application, if launched in future (referred to as website). This Privacy policy applies to the browsers using or accessing the website and extends to the users subscribing to our exclusive content and information through our website and our future launching venture; Web application. By browsing and accessing our website, you agree with the points highlighted in the privacy policy and comply with the pathway of collection, usage, and sharing of the information as per the below stated Privacy policy.

However, this Privacy policy is subject to updates and changes in the existing Privacy policy as per the new amendment laws. We appreciate or require you to regularly review/check from your end for the updated Privacy policy amendments.

How do we Collect Information?

  • We collect information such as your Name, E-mail address, Phone/mobile details, and more details provided on various web pages of our website.
  • You are free to browse through the information and contents on our website without sharing any personal detail. But, once you furnish your details, we customize the information to give you a more convenient and safe experience.
  • You reserve the right to upload content in the form of your rating, comment, reply, and save your personal information with us. While you do so, you become an identified entity to us and your rights of privacy shall not be disclosed or shared with any third-party entity.
  • When you browse through our website, cookies or small files are left behind attached to your electronic device. With your discretion to use our website, the information we get through cookies will not be disclosed.
  • We may track your browsing details on the information we receive at our end (from details provided, cookies, etc). But this is done as a part of internal research, to understand and serve you better at the same time ensuring the protection of your personal information.
  • In normal modus operandi, we do not disclose or provide aggregated information to third parties. However, in the situation of legal responsibility or obligation to share information with the government or third parties, we will be bound to do so.
  • Our website allows you to exchange messages and E-mail. We can connect with you, mail, or text you through the personal details provided to serve you better.

How do we use the information?

Your information is used to deliver you better services and content. We use your information and details in the below-given ways.

  • To identify & provide the possible quick guide based on users browsing choices of our contents.
  • To understand the purpose of your visit and give you detailed information on the same.
  • To develop, provide, and improve our contents and website information (by using your browsing information and reviews)
  • To help you assist with good product information and advertisements.
  • User data and website browsing patterns help us audit, review, survey, and research user/customer requirements.
  • To provide a customer care and support platform.
  • To customize the digital contents based on the electronic medium used.
  • To connect with you and provide you with our information to help you and serve you better.

How do we secure information?

Prega Junction intentionally will not disclose any information or detail acquired to third parties until and unless it is legally obliged to provide information. Prega Junction assures you the protection and security of the user information it receives. It ensures proper measures are employed to secure against unauthorized disclosure, access, mishandling, or loss of information and personal details. Some of the necessary steps taken by the Prega Junction include.

  • Only permitted staff members are allowed to access the information
  • The staff are required to sign the confidentiality agreement as a part of their employment liability
  • The soft and hard copies of information or cookies are stored in encrypted mode and accessible only to a few.
  • The computer information, electronic information of staff and related members are traceable and protect against any form of misuse.


When you enter our website, a small file gets connected to your IP link. These files are called cookies. These cookies get connected by default or you will need to permit some or all cookies. You can erase, deny cookie permission or alter your cookie permission settings in your browser (settings-security-cookies and other site data). However, by disallowing or denying cookies, you may not be able to access certain information, content, and functions of our website.

Other linked websites, External links

Prega Junction may have external links to other websites and web pages. We also share weblinks with our affiliate partners. This privacy policy is restricted only to the website and does not take responsibility for the privacy and security of other linked websites. You will need to refer to the privacy policy of other external websites and weblinks as Prega Junction Privacy holds no liability on the same.

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Prega Junction Contact Information

For any query on our privacy policy or content/ information on our website, you can contact us.

Contact Address: Prega Junction,

540, 5th Floor, JMD Megapolis,

Sohna Rd, Sector 48,

Gurugram, Haryana 122018

Contact Number: 081302 26224

E-mail:  [email protected]