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TDAP Vaccine for Pregnant

TDAP Vaccine for Pregnant Woman: Benefits & Risk Involved

Imagine, you have just confirmed the fact that you are pregnant and you are over the top excited. There’s a doctor’s appointment lined up...
ICT Test in Pregnancy

ICT Test in Pregnancy: Why is it Done & What do the Results Indicate?

Our immune system is the first line of defence against infections, diseases, and any foreign bodies that try to attack our body. While the...
NT Scan during Pregnancy

NT Scan during Pregnancy: Everything you need to Know

The first trimester is an important phase of pregnancy, accommodating pregnancy scans and the first-trimester ultrasound scan. NT scan or Nuchal Translucency scan is...
Vaginal Itching during Pregnancy

Vaginal Itching during Pregnancy: Causes, Prevention & Treatments

Vaginal itching during pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable, but it can be avoided with the use of preventive measures. It is caused by changes in...
Crown Rump Length chart

Crown Rump Length (CRL) Chart: Ultrasound Report

Crown-rump length is a measurement of the fetal length (excluding limbs and the yolk sac). It is measured using an ultrasound up to the 14th...
What is Diastasis Recti

What Are Diastasis Recti? Do’s & Don’ts During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women worry about their weight gain throughout their pregnancy, thinking that there’s nothing they can do to return to their pre-pregnancy weight...
Blurry Vision during Pregnancy (1) (1)

Blurry Vision during Pregnancy: Causes & Treatments

Pregnant women often experience pregnancy symptoms from erratic food cravings to mood changes. The pregnancy signs can overwhelm, excite, and bother pregnant mothers due...
Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy: Common causes & Possible Serious Conditions

Pregnancy is a very beautiful phase of a woman’s life filled with excitement and also with anxiousness. However, a pregnant woman goes through consistent...


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