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At Prega Junction, we offer a guest post facility and write facilities to enthusiastic and professional medical writers, doctors, and health experts.

Our Primary focus is to create quality, interesting, utilitarian and knowledgeable articles for our readers . Prega Junction focuses on Pregnancy and infertility-related articles.

What You Need To Consider?

  • Word Limit

We expect a well-researched, unique article of about 1000-2500 words with zero grammatical errors

  • Title And Content

Your topic should be related to our categories. Usually, we prefer Pregnancy and infertility-related articles. Please choose a catchy title, and it should be open-ended

  • Backlink/Hyperlinking

your article should be hyperlinked with high-quality website links so that users can also refer to the outside information. 2 high-quality site hyperlinks (like Wikipedia and Health Lines) are a must. And yes, we don’t allow more than 4 hyperlinks in one article

  • Images

Adding high-quality but compressed images to your content are compulsory. One creative feature image is a must with the article

  • Promotion/advertisement

Ensure not to advertise any product and service while writing. We only accept informative blogs which provide useful information to the reader

  • Plagiarism

your content should be 100% unique. To check plagiarism, we usually prefer  tools like Copyscape, Quetext, and Duplichecker.

Payment Policy

Prega Junction charges 20$ as a publication fee, and payment should be made within 24 hours after publication. Else we may remove your targeted link. We accept payment via direct IMPS/NEFT/Phonepay/Google Pay/Paytm and Paypal.

Your article may take 1-5 days for reviewing and 2-5 days for publishing, depending upon how busy we are. You can send your well-researched, 1000-2500 word articles with 2 high-quality hyperlinks (like Wikipedia and Health Lines) and 1 featured image (image should be compressed and credit free).

Submit Your “Health”, “Pregnancy, “Infertility” Content

Send us your article at [email protected]

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Term & Conditions

  • Prega Junction holds the complete right to all the articles published on our site. So, we can modify and delete your article without any prior notice
  • After publishing an article at Prega Junction, guest bloggers/writers can’t use the same article on any other platform
  • we don’t pay guest bloggers and writers for the articles or blogs

Disclaimer- The information/data mentioned in the blogs/article is the author’s knowledge and research. We are not liable for any information and data from guest bloggers and writers.

Note- Prega Junction doesn't publish articles/blogs that are having gender discrimination. We strictly deny articles/blogs discussing gender selection or determination per the Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994 of India. So, kindly don't send these articles to us.