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One of the master tools for calculating the most fertile period of one’s menstrual cycle is the ovulation calculator. It is a readily distinctly accessible online tool to help plan pregnancy and improve conception chances. 

There are other signs of ovulation like a rise in basal temperature, headache, vaginal discharge, breast tenderness, and even light abdominal cramps that can confirm the ovulation period. However, an ovulation calendar can come in handy when the other ovulation signs go unnoticed, or you want to estimate the ovulation dates well in advance.

This article talks about how the ovulation calculator works and the different uses of this wonderful tool. 

Ovulation calculator: How It Works

An accurate ovulation calculator works in sync with a woman’s natural menstrual cycle. A woman’s menstrual cycle has four major phases; the Follicular phase, the Ovulation phase, the Luteal phase, and the Menstruation phase. 

The ovulation phase is the most fertile period. During this phase, the ovaries release the egg into the fallopian tubules, where it waits for the sperm for fertilization. Fertilization of the egg and sperm during this period can improve pregnancy chances. And so, this phase opens the “fertile window” and enhances the chances of fertilization and pregnancy. Hence, the ovulation calculator is also known as the fertile window calculator

In a typical menstrual cycle of 28 to 30 days, ovulation occurs around 14 or 15 days after the first day of menstruation. The online fertile period calculator is an automated device that will require two main inputs for calculation: 

  1. One is the first day of the previous menstruation, and;
  2. The next is the average length of the menstrual cycle.

The duration between two consecutive menstruations varies by a day or two at least every month in every woman. So, an average length of 3 to 4 months is taken into consideration. 

The above two details provided to the calculator can help calculate an approximate ovulation period or “fertile period” for fertilization. 

In a 28 day or 30 days menstrual cycle, the ovulation period calculation is done as below:

The ovulation period = the first day of the last menstruation + (28 days or 30 days – 14 days of luteal phase)

Ovulation Calculator: Benefits

The ovulation calculator as mentioned above works well to approximate your ovulation period where you can improve your pregnancy possibilities.

  • The ovulation calculator also works as a safe period calculator where the inputs given can estimate your next menstruation time/period as well as the safe days to avoid pregnancy chances.

The menstruation period = The first day of your last menstruation + average menstrual cycle length 

  • If you have missed your periods or are waiting to check for pregnancy, it also works as a pregnancy calculator. Here the inputs given will give you an approximate date to take a pregnancy test or a more accurate or confirmed result. Also, approximate conception date or pregnancy due date can also be estimated.

The pregnancy test time = The first day of your last menstruation + average menstrual length + 7 to 9 days 

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