EMI Calculator

In-vitro fertilization is a leading type of fertility treatment that is available pan India. Given that the procedure involves the latest medical equipment and procedures, the cost of IVF treatment is often steep. However, most banks in India now provide IVF loans to fund the treatment procedure. If you are considering getting one, having an idea about the EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) makes it easier for you to apply for the loan and pay it without any stress. Prega Junction’s EMI Calculator for IVF allows patients to get a comprehensive idea about the monthly payments according to their affordability. How to use Prega Junction’s EMI Calculator? Enter the details about the loan amount, tenure, loan EMI, advance EMI and the advance amount you can pay in the designated fields on the right. The calculator will estimate the EMI value and provide you with the same based on your comfort and economical position at present.