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How To Sit During Pregnancy On Floor?


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Hey ladies, congratulations on your pregnancy!

Your world is changing, and Prega Junction is here to walk this journey with you, making sure it’s healthy and stress-free for you and your baby.

Pondering about what sitting positions to avoid during pregnancy and what to follow? Staying healthy, walking, and sitting positions are crucial for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Is it okay to sit Indian style during pregnancy or tailor sitting on the floor? We are about to answer all these questions in this blog today about how to sit during pregnancy on the floor. 

The following are the floor sitting positions to follow during pregnancy

  1. Cross legged position
  2. Butterfly position
  3. Squat position

#1. Cross Legged Position (Indian Style Sitting During Pregnancy)

Yes, ladies, it’s entirely okay to sit Indian-style during pregnancy. Cross-legged sitting or Indian-style sitting is very comfortable for your nine months. 

It is a myth that your baby’s head flattens if you sit cross-legged during pregnancy.

Benefits of sitting cross-legged during pregnancy

  1. According to medical science, it helps in exercising pelvic muscles
  2. It increases the flexibility of the muscles
  3. It gives strength to the pelvis and joints
  4. Helps in the flexible opening of the joints during delivery

NOTE – sitting cross-legged during pregnancy for hours is not possible. Therefore, you can try the other mentioned positions, such as butterfly or squat, during your gestation period.

PRO TIP – using a soft pillow behind your lower back gives cushioning to the spine, thereby making it possible to sit in the same comfortable position for a long time, reducing stress on the spine.

#2. Butterfly Position (Tailor Sit During Pregnancy)

It should be followed as the sitting position during pregnancy first 3 months. Butterfly position to induce labor is well-known to many. 

How to?

Sit straight, don’t slouch, and keep the sole of your feet facing together. Place your hands on the knees.

Benefits of butterfly sitting position in pregnancy

  • It helps to induce labor,  
  • Strengthens core muscles,
  • During 3rd trimester, it aligns the head of the baby facing your front,
  • Assists in the pelvic entry of the baby and prepping the baby to give birth.

Is Butterly position safe during pregnancy? Yes, it is safe and comfortable for not just you but also your child.

When to avoid sitting butterfly style while pregnant

  • You should avoid if there is any pain in the vagina, groin area, or any abdominal discomfort around the pelvis.
  • Particularly you should avoid the butterfly position to sit on the floor during pregnancy if you face any leakage or bleeding from the vagina.     

#3. Squat Position

If you think you can go for a squat position, it is the best you can do by firmly placing your feet on the floor. Sit in a full squat position. Make sure your legs are wide base. 

Benefits of squat position

  • It improves the tone and elasticity of the thigh muscles
  • It strengthens thigh muscles 

Note – You should exercise in the squat position only when the baby’s head is fixed in the pelvis.

That’s was all about how to sit.

Now, let’s discuss getting up, as it is equally essential.

It can be scary when you are sitting on the floor and have difficulty getting up. If nobody’s around to help, or even if somebody’s around and you still want to do it correctly. 

But how do you get up now? 

The following ways will come to your rescue – 

  • In the squat position, make sure you use your palm to push your body and then stand.
  • In the cross-legged or butterfly, make sure you bring one leg out, and the other leg is crossed, followed by applying force on the floor and gradually getting up.
  • Another efficient and easy way when you are sitting on the floor during pregnancy and trying to get up is by bringing your legs and putting them to a side, rolling over by bringing the knee up, and pushing up to stand straight on your feet.
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