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World Infertility Awareness Month – 2022


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Reports from the World Health Organization suggest that around 48 million couples globally struggle with infertility. It is a medical condition wherein a couple struggles to get pregnant after engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse for 12+ months.

Given the staggering numbers, infertility is a concern that deserves more understanding and empathy. World Infertility Awareness Month is celebrated each year in June to eliminate the stigma around the fertility struggles of individuals (both male and female).

Additionally, the day prioritizes raising awareness around the subject of infertility and eradicating the myths that cloud the concept. In short, the month is entirely subjected to improving the lives of millions of couples struggling (both openly and in the confines of their homes) to conceive a baby.

We will discuss more about World Infertility Awareness Month, what it entails, the history behind it, and how you can contribute your part to it.

What is the History of World Infertility Awareness Month?

When it comes to infertility education and awareness, people are often better aware of the National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), which is celebrated from April 24 to April 30 each year. It has been a nationally recognized movement in the United States since 1989 and was started by RESOLVE.

The World Infertility Awareness Month, on the other hand, is a month-long awareness campaign that highlights the struggles of infertility, debunks the prevailing myths, and eradicates the general societal stigma surrounding the discussion of this topic. It is celebrated worldwide.

During this month, men and women from across the globe come forward to share their struggles surrounding infertility, support individuals with similar struggles and raise more awareness surrounding the subject.

It is a roundabout global movement that prioritizes education, community-driven support, and empathy toward such a sensitive subject as infertility.

Instead of dedicating just a day to raising awareness (which is a concept too!), the month-long movement is targeted toward raising more discussions surrounding the concept of infertility and connecting people to the right resources and treatments to deal with the underlying complications.

There is an increased discussion surrounding the concepts of infertility, including:

  • Primary infertility
  • Secondary infertility
  • PCOS-related infertility
  • Miscarriages
  • Ectopic pregnancies
  • Premature ovarian failure, etc.

This month is dedicated to exploring all these concepts and bringing them to the foreground to generate more conversations surrounding them.

What is World Fertility Day?

Another common confusion related to World Infertility Awareness Month is mixing it up with World Fertility Day. It was initiated by Louise Brown in 2018.

Who is Louise Brown, you ask? She was the world’s first IVF baby.

The main reason why Louise dedicated a day as World Fertility Day was to help struggling individuals and couples break down their walls concerning their struggles. Instead of bottling things up and not seeking the rightful medical treatment, infertility is often a subject that’s pushed to the back or neglected until it’s too late.

The discussion has an ongoing stigma, especially due to external societal pressure. Even though our society is progressing as a whole, the taboo, to this day, persists.

More than a “celebration”, the primary objective behind World Infertility Awareness Month or World Fertility Day is to generate clear and pronounced awareness among people globally and shed some light on the ongoing struggles that men and women face daily.

How can You Participate in the World Infertility Awareness Month?

When it comes to supporting a movement, it isn’t necessary that you have to be an active part of it. For example, you don’t need to struggle with infertility to raise awareness surrounding the subject and share resources to help people out.

Sometimes, standing in solidarity with the people shows support for the movement that has been going around for years now.

Following are some of the top ways you can celebrate this month:

1. Sport an Infertility Awareness Ribbon

You must have heard that you wear a pink ribbon to support “breast cancer awareness” and wear a red ribbon to support “AIDS patients”. Similarly, the ribbon for infertility awareness is pink and blue. It showcases your support for infertility and the associated concerns, including pregnancy loss, stillbirth, birth defects, premature birth, sudden infant death syndrome, etc.

2. Openly Discuss your Struggles

World Infertility Awareness Month is celebrated to educate people and support individuals struggling with infertility. We live in a progressive world, and that’s where we need to open up and start a conversation. It is never easy to openly discuss one’s struggles and trauma, but maybe your discussions can open up avenues for further conversation.

3. Be an Ally

As we said, celebrating the awareness month doesn’t have to be a personal journey. This  month, the community comes together to raise awareness, share necessary resources and generate more discussions surrounding infertility and how it impacts people regularly. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your personal story (if you have one), sharing links to resources or even a general message of support works.

4. Attend an Event Near You

If you live somewhere that actively celebrates World Infertility Awareness Month by conducting events, you can sign up and volunteer there. Not only do you get to be a part of the ongoing discussions, but you also get to extend your physical support to someone in desperate need of the same.


What is the color for infertility?

Orange is regarded as the color of infertility and is often a common dress code color at events celebrating World Infertility Awareness Month.

Is infertility curable?

With the growing advancements in medicine, certain infertility issues can be corrected with persistent consultations with a specialist. However, the cure and chances of conception are subjective and depend on the individual infertility complications with which one is struggling.

Why is World Infertility Awareness month important?

The month-long campaign generates more awareness surrounding infertility struggles, connects individuals to the right solutions, and opens a door of hope for couples struggling to conceive a baby.


Infertility is a tedious journey – both physically and emotionally. This year, embrace the strength that you have while you navigate through this complicated journey (either alone or with a partner). Your struggles are seen, and your story inspires thousands of other people on a similar boat as you. Open up, start a conversation, leverage the best use of the resources, and take a step towards a brighter future for yourself. 


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