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AMH Test Price in India 2021 | Anti-Müllerian Hormone Test Cost in Popular Labs & Clinics in India


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Anti Mullerian Hormone or AMH is a hormone produced by the developing ovarian follicles of a female. As the follicles develop and mature, the production of this hormone declines. And when the follicles mature, AMH production completely stops. 

AMH test full-form is an Anti-Mullerian hormone test that detects the presence of AMH hormone in the female body to determine the number of eggs inside the ovaries. A female fertility detector test, AMH test can also help the physicians understand many other problems of the female reproductive anatomy such as,

  • Presence of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or check the reason for PCOS-like symptoms
  • Presence of menstrual disorders, early menopause, amenorrhea
  • Test the presence of ovarian cysts or tumors
  • Helps check ovarian health post-surgery or chemotherapy
  • Informs about the remaining pool of eggs or the ‘ovarian reserve’ left to help the woman conceive
  • Detect the reason for failure in conception after repeated trials
  • Predicts the onset of menopause in females

AMH test is also used during the treatment of ovarian tumors to understand the condition of the ovaries. 

AMH tests are generally suggested along with ultrasound scans. Males and infants with rudimentary uterus or undescended testes are also recommended for this test.

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How is the AMH test done?

AMH test is a simple blood test where a health care professional draws a sample of blood from the veins of the arm of a female. The test takes about 5 minutes while you may feel a light sting-like pain. However, the woman undergoing the test must take no ovulation-inducing medications before the test as it may alter the test results. Make sure you inform your doctor about the medications and supplements you take well before the test. 

How are the AMH test results interpreted?

AMH tests can only inform about the number of follicles present in the ovaries but give no information about the egg quality. If you are trying to conceive, the results can help you know the chances of getting pregnant by quantifying the amount of follicles present, where high AMH test levels mean a fair chance of getting pregnant and the presence of adequate ovarian reserve. 

Now, what is a good AMH level? Typically, the normal AMH levels for a female range between 1.5 to 4 ng/ml of blood. 

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Below or above AMH test normal range Interpretations
AMH values between 1-1.5 ng/ml of blood Regarded as low normal

There is a likelihood of conception

AMH values < 1 ng/ml of blood Is considered as a low value

Usually seen in women with increasing age where chances of getting pregnant are low

Women undergoing menopause or on an onset of menopuase

A male infant with low AMH test low range means a hormonal or genetic problem

AMH result values > 4 ng/ml of blood  Indicates very high levels

An indicator of PCOS or ovarian cysts

Children with intersex conditions

AMH test price in various cities of India

Name of the city Base cost of the AMH test
Ahmedabad Rs. 1000 onwards
Bangalore Rs. 1000 onwards
Chandigarh Rs. 1000 onwards
Chennai Rs. 900 onwards
Hyderabad Rs. 450 onwards
Kolkata Rs. 1550 onwards
Mumbai Rs. 1400 onwards
Delhi Rs. 1450 onwards
Noida Rs. 800 onwards
Pune Rs. 1200 onwards

Please note that the above costs mentioned are the starting price of AMH tests and are subject to change based on the city, clinic, and other influencing factors.

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