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Baby Girl Names Hindu (2023): Trendy, Latest, and Unique Indian Name List for Your Newborn Girl


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Becoming parents is an experience every parent wants to relieve, despite the number of children they have. Besides learning to be good parents, one thing that every new parent is stressed about is naming their child.

You want to give them a name that’s easy to remember and pronounce but, at the same time, holds a lot of meaning. Especially for baby girls, finding a unique yet trendy name can be a challenge. If you are from a Hindu family in India, finding meaningful baby girl Hindu names doesn’t have to be that difficult.

To make the process easier, we have done some extensive research to sort out a list of all the trendy, latest, and unique Indian names list for your newborn baby girl.

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What should you Consider before Naming your Baby Girl?

How often do you meet someone with a “unique” name that it’s impossible to remember or pronounce? As fancy as you want your daughter’s name to be, remember that they have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

The last thing you want to do is give them a name that they do not like once they grow up. So, the following are some factors you can consider before naming your baby girl.

Will you be naming your daughter?

According to Hindu culture, there are instances in which a newborn baby in the family is named by their “Bua” (father’s sister). It is a very prevalent culture and includes an extensive ceremony for the naming process.

So, your first step is to ascertain who will name your baby girl. Despite the rituals, we’d always recommend that you discuss your preferences on the name instead of giving 100% autonomy to someone else to name your child.

Sometimes, it is better to brainstorm ideas about your names and then include them in the ritual to take care of everyone’s wishes.

Is there a specific letter your priest gave you?

Again, Hindu culture is very wired with rituals and astrological reading. So, if you are consulting a pandit before naming your baby girl, the chances are that they will give you a choice of a few alphabets that are auspicious for the baby.

If you follow that as a ritual, you’d have to look for names, starting with your priest’s suggested letters. This helps you shortlist the long list of names about which you were wracking your brains.

Do you want to wait before naming your baby girl?

Since a name will personify your daughter’s identity and stay with them forever, you have to be critical about the name. You can’t rush through the process and name them something at random because the hospital is pushing you for the birth certificate.

It is completely fine for you as parents to wait until you see your daughter to name them. There is no rush because even birth certificates can be sanctioned a few days later.

We’d recommend keeping a list of some of your favorite names picked out in such cases. Once you see your baby girl, you can decide which name would suit them the best.

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List of Hindu Baby Girl Names to Consider for your Newborn

With the basic input out of the way, let us walk you through a list of all our top Hindu girl names based on the following themes:

  • Mythology,
  • Astrology, and Zodiac Signs,
  • Bollywood Movie Characters,
  • Trendy Baby Girl Names.
Based on Mythology
Name Meaning
Aarya Goddess Parvati
Aasrita Goddess Lakshmi
Abha Glow, Luster, Shine
Ahilya Wife of Gautam Rishi
Akula Goddess Parvati
Ambuja Goddess Lakshmi
Anusuya Friend of Shakuntala
Ashwani Son of Lord Sun
Vaidehi Wife of Lord Rama
Bhagirathi River Ganga
Bhargavi Goddess Durga
Chandika Goddess Durga
Chitrangada Wife of Arjun
Dakshayani Goddess Durga
Devahuti Daughter of Manu
Devyani Chariot of the gods
Esha Desire
Jayshree The Goddess of victory
Jyotsana Goddess Durga
Kapila Fragrance
Mythili Goddess Sita
Radha Lord Krishna’s love
Sandhya Evening
Saraswati Goddess Saraswati
Sharada Goddess of learning
Tara Star
Urvashi Lord Laxman’s wife
Vani Speech
Varunika Wife of the lord of water – Varuna


Based on Astrology and Zodiac Signs
Name Meaning
Aashi Smile or joy
Eshanika Fulfilling desire
Eva Life
Omaira Star
Baivavi Wealth
Brishti Rain
Vihani Early morning
Vidhi Goddess of destiny
Vamika Goddess Durga
Urvija Goddess Lakshmi
Uma Tranquillity
Chhavi Reflection
Kaira Peaceful
Kaashvi Luminous
Karnika Lotus
Ghanika A beautiful flower
Ghanavi Melodious
Gheethi Melody
Harika Goddess Parvati
Hiya Heart
Maanya One who deserves the honour
Mihika Mist
Mahek Fragrance
Tanushri Beautiful
Taruna Young girl
Tiya God’s gift
Paavni Sacred
Palomi Dove
Phalguni Full moon
Pihu Sweet sound
Purvika Orient
Ruhaani Divine
Takshika Perfect happiness
Tista Tributary of Ganga
Tripti Satisfaction
Nairiti Angel
Nishta Faith
Yuvrani Queen
Bhavisha Future
Dhea Kind
Freya Noble
Jinisha Superior person


Based on Bollywood Character Names
Name Movie
Aarohi Aashiqui 2
Ananya 2 States
Anya Tees Maar Khan
Avni Bhool Bhulaiyya
Fiza Fiza
Heena Heena
Jhanvi Wanted
Kavya Singham
Laila Laila Majnu
Mandira My Name is Khan
Meghna Fashion
Naina Kal Ho na Ho
Natasha Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Nitara Akshay Kumar’s daughter
Pia 3 idiots
Rehana Once upon a time in Mumbai
Roma Don 1
Saiba Holiday
Sania Bol Bacchan
Tania Rab ne bana di Jodi
Veera Highway
Zooni Fanaa


Trendy Hindu Baby Girl Names
Name Meaning
Rutvi Love and Saint
Anvika Powerful and complete
Adya First power
Mahira Talented
Mishika Love of God
Nitara Deeply rooted
Dityaa Answer of prayers
Shanaya Eminent
Aadvika Unique
Aahana Inner light
Jisha Highest feeling of living
Ira A devoted lover
Dhvija Born for performing great things
Aarna Goddess Lakshmi
Siara Unique
Anika Goddess Durga
Siya Goddess Sita
Saisha Truth of life
Akira Graceful
Misha Happy for entire life
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati
Ruhi Music for soul
Kaira Peaceful
Srinika Goddess Lakshmi
Avika Sunrays
Sanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Aadhira Lightning, Strong


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Is it trendy to combine parents’ names for their children?

If you want to name your baby girl by combining letters from your name, go for it because it adds uniqueness and is also more thoughtful.

How do I shortlist top baby girl names?

Ideally, we’d recommend creating a list of the top 5 names you like. Once you have the list, you can consider choosing the name that reflects your baby’s personality and looks the best.

Should I give my baby girl a traditional Hindu name?

Why not? There’s nothing wrong in naming your child a traditional name, especially based on mythology and historical significance.


We conclude the best traditional and modern Hindu baby girl names that you can consider for your newborn baby. We understand that choosing one can be a challenge with so many options. Don’t worry, though, because there’s nothing wrong with taking some time before naming your daughter. Take it easy and see which name best represents your daughter and her personality before naming her.

What is the most unique Hindu girl’s name?

If you are looking into unique Indian baby girl names 2023, there are quite a few ones that we have mentioned in the article. Besides that, you can always take inspiration from combining your names, or naming them after someone significant in your family who isn’t with you anymore.

What is the luckiest girl’s name?

Pinpointing the luckiest girl’s name is difficult and quite impossible. Every little human is born with their fortune and it is their hard work that makes things work out for them down the line. So, ideally, we’d say every name is lucky.

What is a rare girl’s name?

Names like Delia, Anaisha, Parinaaz, etc. are quite unique and rare. You won’t find girls with such names very easily, especially in India.


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