Explained: What is Bol Behen Chatbot on WhatsApp, How Does It Help Adolescent Girls and Women?


Reproductive and sexual health conversations have always been private and a topic less spoken about in India. Many women hesitate to speak about their menstruation, sexual health, and reproductive problems with their friends, family, or lady physician. 

Whatsapp has over 400 million users in India from various sections of society and can reach out to a more adolescent, young women population who typically use low-end smartphones with low bandwidth. Considering Whatsapp to be a secure platform for your-aged women to discuss or chat about sensitive issues like sex, menses, and reproductive health, GirlEffect launched the ‘Bol Behen’ chatbot on WhatsApp. 

This article explores everything about the Bol Behen Chatbot on Whatsapp and how it can help young girls and women. 

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Bol Behen Chatbot on Whatsapp: What is it?

The chatbot is a computer program that initiates or processes human conversations with digital devices, just like speaking with a real person. They are general automated programs running on programmed artificial intelligence (AI). 

Girl Effect, an International non-profiting media house, builds content catering to young girls and women. After launching its first successful venture, ‘Big Sis’ in SouthAfrica, Girl Effect announced its launch of ‘Bol Behen’ along with Whatsapp. 

Similar to its predecessor ‘Big Sis,’ the ‘Bol Behen’ is an AI-based Hinglish chatbot (can converse in both Hindi and English language) on the Meta-powered chat platform, Whatsapp. 

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‘Bol Behen’, which in English means ‘Speak Sister’ is a platform or space for adolescent girls, and young women, open to ask, discuss, sensitive issues, including relationships, sex, reproductive matters, menstrual problems, and much more. 

Girl Effect has built its whole program of ‘Bol Behen’ on the Whatsapp business platform which its user can access easily by sending a ‘Hi’ message to the number +917304496601 on WhatsApp or clicking on the link https://wa.me/917304496601. 

Not to worry about the place you are in, as this chatbot is accessible even in remote regions of the country where the internet bandwidth is low. 

How does it help young girls and women?

Adolescent girls and women with a simple WhatsApp application can access the ‘Bol Behen’ chatbot even with a low-end smartphone or limited internet bandwidth.  

This AI-enabled chatbot forges closer links between young women and healthcare workers. The healthcare workers provide the required non-biased information on key reproductive and sexual health topics. While solving the concern, the chatbot encourages young females to access healthcare. 

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The ‘Bol Behen’ chatbot, available in two languages- Hindi and English, helps women connect with healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals in their neighbourhood. Thus, paving the way for seamless and personalised assessment and treatment journeys. 

It assists young girls book appointments with curated healthcare providers by sending them reminders and sharing feedback within the ‘Bol Behen’ platform. 

In an environment where conversations on sensitive issues are limited, Girl Effect through ‘Bol Behen’ gives a private, non-judgemental mode of personal communication, and knowledge, to millions of adolescent girls and women across India on a platform they trust and love.


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